Rohan Khaunte Accuses BJP of Being Connected With Actor Jhaveri; Tendulkar Confronts MLA to Prove Allegations

Vinay Tendulkar and Rohan Khaunte
Vinay Tendulkar and Rohan Khaunte

Accusing the state government of ‘playing at a time during Covid-19’, independent MLA Rohan Khaunte slammed the ruling BJP for having connections with Bollywood actor, Kapil Jhaveri who was recently arrested from a rave-party in Goa’s north touristic belt.

MLA Rohan Khaunte – known for his ‘example citing’ when speaking – accused the BJP of ‘hiding something’. After Kapil Jhaveri’s arrest from the rave party, both, opposition as well as the BJP, were involved in a mudslinging game involving photos shared with the accused actor.

Citing actor Kapil’s post with CM Sawant on the leaders birthday on 24th April, MLA Rohan questioned, that at a time when the lockdown was underway due to coronavirus – and Goans were finding it difficult to enter the state themselves – how was the actor able to enter Goa, and even meet the CM over birthday wishes.

However, a search through Kapil’s social media profile will display that the actor posted a photo with CM Sawant on January 2nd – the same which was re-posted on April 24th as part of birthday wishes, which annuls the claims of the actor meeting the CM on his birthday as the photo appears to be from the January meet which the actor had posted. The question however does remain if vested interests were the primary reason for the CM’s and actors meet.


Porvorim MLA, saying that he will unearth all facts on how the BJP is trying to mislead the public added, “Kapil Jhaveri, which the BJP is trying to mislead the public, and was arrested last week at drug party, where this government is trying to mislead information to the public, Kapil Jhaveri is connected to the BJP.”

In a bid to unearth links of the actor, the MLA went on to mention that actor Jhaveri, is a director at several companies – one including a co-operative society, Tirumala Tirupati Multistate co-operative credit society – whose Chairman is Gurmeet Singh Bhamrah.

Mr. Singh, who also happens to be the director of Bombay Sports Company private limited which owns the Global T20 Canada League, in Canada also has connections within the companies that actor Jhaveri is associated with, the MLA claimed. He added that the co-operative society even donated one lakh masks towards the state during the pandemic.

According to the MLA, deep-rooted connections exist within political circles – including that of money laundering and betting’s – which he claims he will produce before authorities in Delhi, before unveiling to the public.

Another, Chandrakant Patil – director of Sarvodaya Sports Ltd – which also owns a team Edmonton Royals participates in the Global T20 league in Canada. Another enterprise linked to Patil includes Vinyl Vinay Tendulkar – son of Rajya Sabha MP Vinay Tendulkar.

The MLA, describing the entire situation as a lethal cocktail, he said, “This is nothing but a combination of many things. Just like a cocktail, this a cocktail which contains drugs, betting’s, underworld and prostitution, hawala and Bollywood too.”

He further even accused the co-operative society – of which accused Jhaveri is a director – of being involved in money laundering and being tangled in transferring money from Goa to Canada, all through the co-operative society bank – which he claims is only displaying a ‘good’ picture from the outside.

“One thing is clear from all the links is to convert the black money to white money,” the MLA said, accusing the BJP of playing ‘diverging politics’.

The ruling BJP has however refuted all the claims made by the MLA. MP Vinay Tendulkar – who MLA Rohan Khaunte has named – has denied all the allegations and has warned of issuing the MLA a legal notice. Adding that the MLA is frustrated after he lost his minister’s position.

“I will serve him [Rohan Khaunte] a legal notice. He should prove his allegations or apologise or else I will put a defamation case against him,” said Tendulkar

The Chief Ministers Office (CMO) has also denied all allegations saying that no meeting took place between the CM and the actor on April 24th as the same picture was cropped and posted on Jhaveri’s social media account on January 2nd, an earlier date.

“This proves that the said photograph has been posted several times on different dates. The MLA is requested to verify his statements if true or otherwise,” the statement said.

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