Robbery and Molestation cases are on rise in Calangute Area, A Karnataka Native caught red handed by locals while trying to molest tourist girls on Baga – Calangute Road

In one of the most shocking incident, a Karnataka native was caught by the locals while trying to molest the tourist girls on Calangute – Baga Road. According to the locals, they were two of them who tried molesting the tourist girls and ran away inside the connecting narrow lane, but locals managed to catch hold of one of them.    

The rider of the bike managed to flee from the scene while the pillion was caught, said one of the local resident adding that the accused were trying to escape on their bike inside the narrow lane of Agarwada in Calangute when the locals caught one of the accused handed over to the Calangute police for further action.   

According to the sources, This is not the lone incident of molestation and robbery in that area.

There is a possibility of a gang operating in that area or the work of few miscreants from the neighboring states who takes advantage of the isolated location and try to rob and molest the tourists.

Another similar incident had taken place at the same location. According to the sources, in another incident couple complained of getting robbed on the same road.

They told the police that they have been robbed of a chain and mobile phone by two unknown persons on the Calangute – Baga Road, near Fat Fish restaurant and the robbers into the inside road connecting Agarwaddo.    

This incident should work as an eye-opener for the police and administration that there is a serious need of police patrolling in such sensitive tourist-oriented areas.     

With this kind of cases taking place in the Calangute area, it looks like a new gang is operating in that area who basically take advantage of the isolated location and rob the tourists.

The molestation case incident also seems to be the job of the similar gang members. The person who was caught by the locals had been handed over to the police and now let us hope that the police managed to get a breakthrough in the entire thing.

The accused agreed of touching the tourist girls inappropriately and he also agreed of being involved in such more incidents

With more such incidents taking place in the Goa’s primer tourist destination the authorities now need to take some strict action against the criminally minded outsiders who are ruining our Goa.

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