Road Romeo trashed by the parents of girl and mob in Porvorim Goa


This kind of incident does not happen in Goa often or perhaps this could be the only incident that happened in the state lately. According to the sources, a road Romeo was trashed by the parents of the victim girl and the public in Porvorim. The incident took place on Friday at Porvorim – Panaji main road. The accused guy from Mumbai was allegedly harassing the girl from Porvorim for past one year. Finally, Porvorim police intervened into the matter and took the accused in custody. What is the truth behind the incident and how the situation reached this far? Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the information made available from the reliable sources, the so-called road Romeo was apparently harassing the girl for more than a year and due to which he also went to the jail for several times. The most surprising fact here is that the road Romeo had been out behind the bar for four times in the similar case but somehow he did not improve his behavior.

According to the sources, the situation that is prevailing in Pune and Mumbai is now taking shape in Goa. In the places like Poona and Mumbai, these kinds of cases are the regular affairs. The women, who travel to and from the job regularly faces eve teasing in these metro cities, claimed the sources. But Goa is always been a different and the cases of eve teasing is very rare here.

The sources have revealed that the so-called road Romeo was harassing the girl for almost one year and finally her parents decided to come out and take the situation into their own hands. According to the mother of the victim girl, this guy was threatening her daughter with the dire consequences over the phone almost every day and in one of the occasion, her daughter also tried to commit the suicide. “We pleaded with him, we begged in front of him and asked him to leave us alone but he did not listen to any of our pleadings and continued his harassment and finally out of the frustration we decided to teach him a lesson,” she said.

The victim girl made allegations on the police system saying that although she approached the police for protection but they said nothing can be done in this case since the accused is only calling and not doing any harm to her. “I gave the complaint in the Porvorim police station thrice but they did nothing besides remaining silent over the issue. The accused was regularly harassing me and my family. He even kidnapped me on one occasion and took me into the jungle and started threatening me that he will put the petrol and burn me alive,” said the victim girl. According to her, she lodged the complaint in this regards before the Agassaim police station and the accused was put behind the bar for few months.


The victim girl also stated that she tried to commit the suicide by consuming the poison to get out of this regular harassment. “I was admitted in the GMC after I consumed the poison where I remained for more than a month. I even developed the problems in my liver due to the poison consumption,” she narrated before the media. After that incident police arrested the accused and put him behind the bar, this time, he was lodged in the side jail for one month.

“Today he was released from the jail and again he came to trouble me,” she said. The victim girl narrated the name of accused as Suresh Shetty from Mumbai. She also told the media that she came to know from her sources that this guy also supplies the girls from Mumbai by promising them of getting married.

According to the sources, the entire situation points out only at one thing and that is the police is unable to provide the protection to the girls in the state. It is only after the parents of the victim girl started trashing the road Romeo police came running and took the guy away.

The above case is the clear indication of the failure of police system in the state. According to the sources, if police had to take the strict action against the road Romeo, he could have never managed to harass the girl further. What is your take on this? What kind of punishment do these kinds of eve teasers deserve? How do they need to be handled so that they never try to repeat such incidents again? Please leave your comments on this issue.



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