Another Road Rage – 5 youths assaulted at Curti-Goa, 1 seriously injured

In a devastating incident which was witnessed at Curti-Goa on Sunday, a group of youths damaged a car and assaulted five persons traveling in the vehicle after it overtook two bikes. The incident occurred near Amigos hotel at Curti.  A person, identified as Agnel Fernandes, was seriously injured in the incident. According to the sources, the five youths were traveling in a swift car from Mollem to Ponda via Ponda-Begavi highway. While on the same route, four youths were heading towards Ponda on two bikes.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]It is known that when they reached Dharbandora, the Swift car overtook them at a high speed. Madden by this, the youths on the bikes chased the car and overtook it, and in the process, the side view mirror of the car got damaged. This led to the car chasing the bikers down and stopping them and, questioning them about the car door mirror damage.

After some arguments, the bikers and those from the car decided to settle the issue and planned to meet at Curti near Amigos Hotel. One of the car occupants Agnel Fernandes went with the bikers and one of the bikers traveled in the car so that they could meet at the planned spot. However, on the way, the bikers, who were ahead of the car, disappeared and when the car reached Curti near Amigos Hotel, the car occupants saw that Agnel, who was with the bikers, was being beaten up by eight youths including the bikers. The same group then badly damaged the car with stones and assaulted the car occupants. Thereafter, the bikers fled the spot.

The police have identified the main accused as S Borkar from Borim. According to information, it is known that he was booked for drug peddling a few months back. The other alleged accused identified are Sohil, Sunny, and Gotya. Police disclosed the names of the victims as Abhijit Harmalkar (21), Somesh Kaskar (21), Pravin Salgaonkar (21), all three from Mapusa, Sanmesh Naik (24) and Agnel Fernandes (25), both from Mollem.

The police have registered a noncognizable offense against eight persons. It is learned that most of them were traveling on Duke Bikes. Numbers of some bikes have been identified by youths from the car. Police are investigating the case.




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