Rent-a-Bike Operators Occupying the Public Parking Spaces across Goa

With the rapid increase in population in the state, the number of vehicles on the road are rising by the day and the major issue that everyone faces is the parking. All the major cities in Goa does not have parking space available during the day and people park haphazardly anywhere on the road. The double parking and parking on the footpath is the story of the day. Adding to this is the Rent-a-Bikes operators who occupy the maximum space meant for the public parking.

Panaji, Margao, Mapusa and Vasco are facing major parking issues and during the day it is hard to find a place to even park the cycle. There are attempts of implementation of the pay parking in the major cities but it practically never worked due to the protest from locals.

The rent-a-bike is a business and they need to have their own yard for the private parking of their several dozens of the bikes and cars but in Goa, no one bothers about the law and everyone violates the law openly.

You can imagine how frustrating it is to find no parking available when you reach in the city for your important work and you find five to ten rent-a-bikes are parked by the person doing business from a small shop adjacent to the road. If you dare to ask them about the parking in the public space then you have to get ready for the consequences, while police prefer to turn blind to such situations.

There are complaints from the south Goa that Margao is facing major parking issues, with the narrow roads and parking is occupied by the Rent-a-Bike operators. According to the reports, the parking lot around the Margao Municipal Council (MMC) building is being occupied not just by the vehicles of the MMC officials and staffers but also by dozen-odd rent-a-bike operators who permanently park their vehicles numbering over 50 to 60 two-wheelers occupying vital parking space in this city.

There is a need of authorities, especially the Municipal corporations and RTO to tackle this situation by cracking down on the Rent-a-Bike businesses who make use of such parking and also provide the private vehicles on the rent.

What is your opinion on this? Do you also find any such wrongdoings going on around you and want to raise your voice against it? We have created the platform for you on Goa Prism. Please share your issues with us and we will do our best to publish the same.

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