Remo’s bail was accepted due to the discrepancies in the complaint observes court

The president of Children’s Court Vandana Tendulkar has stated in her judgement passed on the application of anticipatory bail of pop star Remo Fernandes that there is an existence of discrepancies in the complaint filed by the social activist Aires Rodrigues. Here is the complete report.

According to the judgement passed by the president of Children’s Court, the following fact has came into the light that there were discrepancies in the complaint filed by the social activist Aires Rodrigues and that had resulted into granting the bail to the accused in the alleged verbal abuse case.

According to the statement given by Remo to ANI news agency, it has been alleged that this case is false and now the truth is coming out. “I am very happy with the judgement. It is the best judgement and it reveals the facts that there are major inconsistencies in the complaint. Very soon the truth will come out,” said Remo.

It may be recalled that Goa Children’s Court had granted the conditional bail to Padmashree Awardee Remo Fernandes based on which he has been barred from leaving Goa without the permission of the court, he has been also asked to deposit the passport with investigation officer. The court has observed that there is no prima facie material on record against the accused while granting the conditional bail to him. Today Remo has furnished the surety of Rs. 50000 and also deposited his passport with the investigation officer fulfilling the condition of bail.

The judgement passed by Tendulkar has also observed that the fact is indisputable that the track records of the applicant (Remo) are clear and it is unlikely that the applicant will indulge in any such activity in the future. All the material available against the applicant makes his role limited to the extent of verbal abuse and hence there is no need of custodial interrogation. “In Custodial interrogation the arrest is essential,” she said.


She also observed that the complaint did not disclose the actual abusive words that Remo allegedly used. “Going by the statements of the victim girl and other witnesses it gets the reveal that Remo said ‘It would be better if she was dead’ and that happened when Remo visited the victim at Goa Medical Collage on 3rd December.

The judgement also brought out the discrepancies in the complaint stating that “The complainant (Aires Rodrigues) had tweeted on the social media platform that ‘Applicant never cared to visit the victim Girl at the GMC’ and the same is contrary to the actual statements of the victim and witnesses.

She also pointed out the unexplainable delay in filing the complaint by the social activist lead to more misgivings “There is considerable delay of 17 days in filing the complaint in the present case from the date of accident which took place on December 1, 2015, and this delay is unexplained in the complaint,” She said.

The judge ruled out the custodial interrogation of the accused in this case due to the lack of reasoning provided in the complaint. “The investigation officer did not provide sufficient grounds for the need of custodial interrogations and all the material on records are insufficient to justify the genuineness of the allegations made in the complaint,” she said.

The court holds the affidavit submitted by Remo as sufficient proof of the authenticity of the pop star. Remo’s affidavit is more than enough to bring out his intentions of abiding by the process of law. “Remo is a well-known musician and a prominent personality. He would never abscond from the state. It is on the record that applicant is holding the Portuguese passport but he has roots in Goa and owns many properties in Goa, as mentioned by him in his affidavit,” observed the court.

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