Rekha Rana – The Indian film Star shining at Oscars


Rekha Rana, an ambitious Delhi girl and an upcoming star in the Indian film industry was in Goa for a short vacation. According to Rekha, she likes Goa very much and prefers to come down, as and when, she get little breathing time from her busy schedule. Rekha has done her advanced acting course from the New York Film Academy, when I asked her how come she went all the way from Mumbai to New York to pursue her acting course she said that, actually she had done her diploma in acting from Berry John from Delhi and then she came to Mumbai. “In Mumbai, I started working as a theater artist with Dinesh Thakur where I completed 200 shows all over India and abroad and then I entered into the films,” said Rekha.

Rekha is basically from theatre background and that is what makes her more hardcore actress. ‘TARA’ was her debut film and that went for an Oscars which was the biggest achievement in its own for Rekha. I asked Rekha as how she got an opportunity become the part of TARA and she replied saying, “Well… while I was doing my theater, I had received the call from the producers of TARA, they called me for the auditions. Later on, I realized that they have seen my performance in the theater. I went for the auditions and lucky I got selected,” said Rekha with a cute smile.


According to Rekha, the selection process that they had adopted was very unique. “The entire creative team was sitting including my director for the selection of lead role for the film. Here the director decided to have voted for the final selection,” said Rekha adding that “There were nine people voted for me to play the role of Tara.” The selection of Rekha was very much justified and you will say the same when you have a look at the film.

According to Rekha, Tara was the Oscar entry from Togo West Africa and her latest film “Yahaan Ameena Bikti Hai” from Cameroon. “The film “Yahaan Ameena Bikti Hai” was co-produced by the two production houses, Kumar Raj production from India and Cameroonian production MD Four,” she said.


When I asked Rekha if she preferred to do only the movies which are more of unconventional than the commercial ones, she said that, she does not discriminate amongst the films she gets. “As an artist, I believe in looking at the script and if I like that I just want to do the film. I am not targeting any particular segment at the moment and takes the things as it comes to me,” said Rekha.

I asked Rekha if she has got any offers from the commercial filmmakers and her take on that. According to Rekha, she loves her work and she always wants to do what she likes. “I like this kind of roles which I am doing right now, like Tara and Ameena. There are 2-3 films that I have signed since I loved the script and fortunately, all three films are women oriented films. I loved the concept and will be shooting for them in the next year,” she said.

Rekha has also done few films in South but presently she is pursuing her career more into the Bollywood and Hollywood films. But that does not mean she does not want to do the regional language films at all. “I don’t mind playing a strong character or doing a strong film in the south. Recently I liked the script of a Marathi film and I said yes to it,” she said adding that, if she gets an opportunity to do a Konkani film, she would love to do it since she feels that they are very creative and Artistic,” she averred. Rekha said that she has seen few Konkani films and she loved it. 

Rekha is presently based in Mumbai but she keeps on shuttling between LA (Los Angeles) and Mumbai constantly since she has opportunities from both the places. “Right now I am based in both places in LA and Mumbai and I am looking forward to the release of this film “Yahaan Ameena Bikti Hai” which will be released next year. I am hoping for the good response from the audience of India as we have received a very good response in Africa, people are lobbying for the film in the USA. And I am busy here for the promotions in India,” she said giggling.   

Rekha also has plans of going to Kapil Sharma Show next year as this movie will be a commercial release in India and abroad. Yahaan mean Bikhti Hai has been already nominated for the Oscars and getting a lot of recognition and she hopes that the movie will get same recognitions in India too. She appeals to the people of India to support this film.

Rekha has also completed one more film called “Black September” which is India’s first one take feature film. “It is a one-shot feature film, there are no cuts and edits and it is directed by Hemant Nilimdas from Kolkata. This film is shot in India and it’s a Hindi film based on terrorism in India and Pakistan. Black September was also screened in Film Bazar of IFFI 2016 on 22nd of November,” she said.

Rekha is a very fine artist and she deserves all the credits for that. Her nomination in Oscars is the biggest milestone as not many films from India gets nominated for the Oscars. Rekha came to Goa for the small vacation to remain little away from her busy schedule but here also she had to face the media. According to her Goa is the place that everybody loves and so she does. Goa Prism team wishes Rekha all the best in her all future endeavors.

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