“I am ready to face the dirt!! Dirt will always be there, we have to clean it up” says Taleigao AAP Candidate Cecille Rodrigues

Cecille Rodrigues, the most daring AAP candidate who will be contesting the election from Taleigao constituency in Goa finally came out in the media openly. Cecille feels that there is a lot to be done in her constituency that is not done by the earlier MLA and she is ready to face anything to bring that change in Taleigao regardless of the fact that she gets elected or not. Goa Prism editor met Cecille to get her say on her recent appointment as an AAP candidate from Taleigao constituency and the changes she is looking forward. Here are the excerpts of the tete-e-tete with Cecille.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]Cecille Rodrigues, very well known in Goa as DID Super Mom is presently teaching dance to numerous people across Goa. Cecille actually belongs to Vasco Da Gama in Goa but she has shifted to Taleigao after getting married. The reason behind her joining the AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) according to Cecille is the high-level corruption that is prevailing in the Goan politics at the moment and she wants to clean it up. According to Cecille, the AAP is the only party that is capable of providing the corruption free government in the state of Goa. “     

The whole idea of me joining politics or you can say AAP, was to bring that change in the society. There is a lot of things happening in Goa and everyone is closing their eyes towards it. There is a party (AAP) ready to help people and give a corruption-free government and that what pushed me to make up my mind to join the AAP,” said Cecille adding that “I went to listen to them in one of the AAP meetings in Goa. I did not like what was happening around and decided to join them (AAP) as a volunteer. I Liked their ideology and working style. The candidates appointed by the AAP are scrutinised before their appointment and the possibility of scrutiny always remains even after their appointment.”

There are a lot of comments on Cecille being taken up politics asking her not join the dirty politics but according to Cecille she is ready to face anything and she feels that she has taken up the politics to clean the dirt. “What is happening at present in Goa is not good at all. There is a need of change and if I can be that person then I am ready to be the voice of people. Today people cannot even able to meet their own MLA. They need to take an appointment which is not correct. When you are elected by people, you supposed to work for the people by reaching out to them.” said Cecille. 

When asked if she will be reachable by people if she gets elected, she said: “Why not, After being on a reality show and getting all the fame I can come back to my Goa and start doing work in schools.”


When asked if she is capable of facing the allegations (dirt) that will be thrown on her as soon as she gets into the politics (this question was asked in the reference to all the negative comments appeared on the social media after Goa Prism published the news article on her appointment) Cecille said that she is not scared of any dirt and she knows how to clean it up. “Earlier also I faced a lot of dirt. Though this is different, I am ready to face it. Dirt will always be there we have to clean up the dirt. I am here to do good for our own people and let me see who supports me in this. People look at limelight as a bigger fame than reaching out to the people.”

AAP has already generated a lot of negative publicity for themselves in Delhi and when asked how she likes to defend that, Cecille said she does not want to compare Delhi with Goa, “The story will be completely different in Goa. Right now we are forming our own Goa government which is an AAP government so we are not bothered about Delhi. We have our own CM whose going to be leading us, so I think will have a lot of changes. They (Delhi AAP)  have done a pretty good work. AAP is a party that has proved itself in one and half year of being elected in Delhi and has reached out to the people with the basic fundamental that people need, which our people are not getting here,” said Cecille.

According to Cecille, nobody has gone door to door like AAP did in Goa. They reach out to the people of Goa to find out the problems faced by them. This is the biggest change that AAP is giving at the moment. The existing government does not ask people before making their manifesto but after making it they expect people to accept it.”  she said.

According to Cecille, she is not scared against whom she is contesting this election. “The results will depend on people if they love money more than the change. If people do not want the bribes to be taken on the government level then they should first stop taking it on their house level. They should decide what they want for themselves. The 25,000 what they earn at that particular time of the election, I hope it benefits them for the five years and hopes their problem and issues get solved with that 25,000 which they earned during the election. I am not scared of anything or anybody, If I was a person who would get scared, I would not reach where I am today. I don’t have fear. If something has to happen, it will happen. If we live in fear, whose going to be there fighting? Who’s going to be the face?”

When asked how she feels standing against Monseratte in the forthcoming election in Taleigao she said “I do respect Mr. Moseratte in different terms because initially, when I was in aviation I use to assist that family and Mr. Monseratte has the same respect for me. Now what level anyone can go to, I don’t know. The mentality has to change then you don’t lose anyone’s respect. We are there fighting for the cause of the people. Whoever can provide better to the people, has to win. If I don’t win, I will still be with AAP and will support them as much as I can and I will do what I love doing most that are helping people and dancing. Nothing will change. You have to see your fundamentals as my upbringing is different, my parents have been in a service industry and they worked sincerely so even I have inherited that,” she said.

According to Cecille, she has decided to contest and she will not go back on her decision. For her, it does not depend on where she is coming from but if the intentions are right the victory will follow. “It doesn’t depend on where you come from. If your intentions are right, and people think you’re the right person who can bring in the change, I think so that’s enough for me.”


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