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Fitness is one subject you can talk with anybody, everybody knows lots about it and will always be ready to counsel on this subject, it does not matter whether that person is following the same rules or not. In today’s net savvy world you just need to type word fitness and more than 50 million search results will get displayed in your browser. So much of information is there and so many gurus are there but we are still in search of fitness mantras. We don’t know where to go and whom to ask the right way of doing things to attain the perfect physique. Some promise us the weight loss program in just one week while others assure muscle building with the help of protein substitute. Everybody is confused as where to go for the right advice.

I have started this column of fitness guru to help all such inhabitants and aspirants who want to stay fit for long and at the same time eat what they want. In this column I am going to take you to the journey of fitness with the various fitness gurus of this field who will not only guide you in right manner but will also are available to provide you professional guidance as and when you genuinely need them.
Our first Fitness Guru in this journey is Mr. Macedonio Fernandes who is a certified fitness expert from Calburn Fitness, the company formed by him to help people to achieve the desired Goals. According to Mr. Macedonio first lesson is How to Reach Your Fitness Goals

How to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Each year, most individuals from different parts of the world make New Year’s resolution related to fitness. Unfortunately most of the confidence falls apart after a month or so and only a few follow through with their resolutions. Some of the common reasons the unsuccessful individuals give are lack of time, lack of motivation, travel, and lack of energy.

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