Re-opening of Schools might get delayed in Goa due to the rising COVID-19 Cases

Schools reopning in Goa
The Re-opening of the Schools will get delayed in Goa (Image - Better India)

Finally, the SSC and HSSC examinations of the Goa State Board has got over and students are relieved from the pressure of studies, but the schools for the next academic year may not be reopening in the month of as scheduled earlier due to the increased cases of COVID-19 in the state. 

It was announced previously that schools will reopen from the first week of June to begin the new academic year, but that is not happening any more due to spike in the COVID-19 cases in some parts of the state, stated the sources. 

According to the PTI reports, The Goa government on Wednesday deferred its scheduled reopening of schools in the first week of June keeping up with the fresh guidelines issued by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, an official said.  

In a circular issued on Wednesday, the director of education Ms Vandana Rao said the department had earlier informed schools about reopening for the academic year. “During this time, schools are advised to support students in every possible way by making the best use of technology,” the circular read.

According to the sources, the examinations of the ICSC schools in the state of Goa have not yet held, and there is no response whatsoever from the concern schools in regards to the process and progress. The students are awaiting the dates to be announced as most of them have to further enrol different colleges for their higher secondary education in the forthcoming academic year. 


The rising cases of the COVID-19 in certain parts of Goa has raised a concern about the future of the kids and their education as amid of the coronavirus crises there will be no clear picture as to what extend the reopening of the schools and colleges may get prolonged.

Meanwhile, some of the private schools in Goa have already started making the use of technology to conduct the virtual classes. According to the reports, Miramar based Sharda Mandir School is working on the online classes for the new academic year. 

The circular issued by the education department is also persuading the other schools to make use of the technology. “During this time, schools are advised to support students in every possible way by making the best use of technology,” the circular read.

Surprisingly, the education department is even checking out on the options of teachers visiting the students’ home for taking the stock of progress. According to the reports, With reopening of schools for the academic year 2020-21, scheduled to start from June 4, getting deferred, the state education department is exploring possibilities of teachers visiting students’ homes for teaching.    

“We can’t expect the entire school curriculum to be carried out in the same fashion online, as it can be done in face-to-face mode. Schools can explore the possibility of teachers making visits to students’ homes with social distancing, so as to follow up on any reading they might have given them, or to solve their queries etc by maintaining ‘2 gaj doori’,” Rao said in a note to the Goa Headmasters’ Association. She said it should be planned in such a way that the students are not unduly burdened. 

From the new academic year, the face of the education will change and it will be no longer going to remain the same anymore. 

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