Raj Kundra Was Ready With The Plan B and It Was Much Bigger Than You Can Imagine

Raj Kundra Had Plan B

There is always a plan “B” in the big businesses and if Raj Kundra had a plan B ready then it is not the matter of surprise. But the question here is, what was that plan B, How Big it was and How he was planning to implement it? Read the complete report here…

With the arrest of Kundra many things have started surfacing in the media and the story of the plan B is one of them. According to the Mumbai Crime Branch Cell, businessman Raj Kundra had a plan B which was much bigger than the his existing business. 

What Was Raj Kundra’s Plan B

Raj Kundra was Running the business that is illegal in our country and he was aware of the same. When he laughed the private APP called “Hot Shot” to stream the porn clips produced by him he was very much aware that sooner or later he will get caught and that prompted him to come up with the plan B. 

According to the reports the plan B of Raj Kundra was to launch another APP incase of takedown of the Hot Shot APP and he communicated the same to his PA through the WhatsApp chat that now went in the media. 

“Kundra had a plan B as he was aware that sooner or later he will get caught and the action will be taken against him and his mobile APP showing the pornography,” said the senior police officer in the Mumbai Crime Branch cell. 

According to them Kundra was alert about the actions that he and his APP might face in the event of his arrest, and he started working on the plan B and created another APP similar to the Hot Shot and it was ready to go online on the Google Play Store. 

How Police Got Hold of Plan B?

The Crime Branch of Mumbai police got hold of the WhatsApp chat taken place between Raj Kundra and his former PA Umesh Kamat about the plan B. 

According to the Crime Branch Police officials, there was a chat group called “H Accounts” and they have got hold of the same.  

When Pradeep Bakshi in a group named “H Accounts” informed that the Hotshot app has been suspended by Google for violating the rules, Kundra replied, “No issue, plan B, the new application will be live in maximum 2 to 3 weeks.” The plan B was another app that would stream videos live and it was named ‘Bollyfame’

The Bigger Plan of Raj Kundra 

According to the police investigations, Raj Kundra had bigger and bolder plans. The Live content. According to him the Live Content was the future, and he was planning to stop shooting the clips and enter into the live streaming. 

Crime branch sources said that Kundra was preparing to stop the shooting of porn and get live streaming from models and actresses and was going to do it on the Bolllyfame, but before he could bring his theory into the practice, he was caught. 

The WhatsApp Chat 

Kundra – It’s great that we prepared for Bollyfame 

Kamat – Will come to the office and talk, we should remove all bold content till then

Kundra – I doubt they will remove ALTBalaji content.

Kamat – it’s not that serious. They will just ask to remove objectionable content 

“Live content is the future”: Raj Kundra

The Conclusion

According to the Joint Police Commissioner of the Crime Branch, Milind Bharambe, They have not been able to any find any active role of Shilpa Shetty yet. “We are investigating. We will appeal to the victims to come forward and contact the Crime Branch Mumbai and we’ll take appropriate action.”

Although the arrests have been done and many have gone behind the bar but the question is how long they will remain behind the bar and how long our Indian law will be able to keep them in the prison. The Plan B is bigger game than the existing one and that might become the reality soon. 

Our country has a huge audience for the pornography and till the time the audience is there the producers will be keep entertaining them and the game will go on. What are your views on this story? Please share your suggestions in the comments box below. 

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