Rain Romance

How many of you just wait for the rains to fall? To get intoxicated by the smell of the dry earth getting drenched, the splashing water and the little kids running behind their paper boats excitedly, sailing the dogged water drains. Oh doesn’t do this all just to make you feel wonderful! Monsoon is the season of love and romance. It has the magic of reviving romance in you, especially if you are in Goa. But unfortunately are gradually begun to despise the rains, either because the speeding car splashed water on your new white shirt or because you are stuck in traffic jam and you are late for work . . . . And this becomes a daily routine in the monsoons. But not in Goa, here monsoon is the reason of rainbows and butterflies. It is definitely not to be wasted indoors. The fresh intoxicating air, colorful flowers, new green grass and leaves are the prim attractions of the monsoon in Goa. This forma Portuguese colony is renowned for its beaches, greenery, churches, lost Hindu temples and its laid back lifestyle. Goa is most romantic and popular honeymoon destination in India.


Generally vacationers who wish to have an amazing time in Goa with their loved ones, prefer visiting Goa during the months of Oct-March. As this period is considered to be the peak season for Goa’s tourism industry. But than again if you are an avid nature buff and want to enjoy nature at its best or your just one of those typical Bollywood fans who like dancing around trees, under the rain, though it may sound  cliché to some of you. I am sure most of you fantasize about at. Than you must, without a doubt, explore this beautiful coastal state during the monsoons.

In this season, tourists can indulge themselves in various interesting activities. Within the territory of Goa. For instance you could participate in a wildlife safari in some of Goa’s national parks or wildlife sanctuaries, such as Bondla National Park, Mollem National Park and so on. While peeping into the world of the wild in national parks, you could also visit the Savoi spice plantation near Ponda or . All you “Couples in Love” could also enjoy a few romantic moments at the Dudhsagar fall or the beautiful springs scattered all around Goa, tucked away somewhere in the forests lies this hidden beauty of Goa. You will definitely hold your breath at the sight of these springs during the monsoon and I can guarantee, you will be much more in love after witnessing this beyond explainable beauty. Oh! And not to forget the romantic boat cruises under the moonlight with just the right music and food to set the mood as you rail away into the night.



So whoever thought Goa has nothing much to offer during the monsoon, let me just tell you . . . . . . . you are missing out on a lot! To all you “love birds” out there, this tiny state bound by nature and beauty will send you back with pleasant memories, you will remember for a longtime. And to you couples with kids and busy life, who believe romance is no more meant for them, than believe me you will be more in love with your partner than you ever were before. Goa can satisfy all your cheesy fantasies while guaranteeing you an awesome time in the rains. So come to Goa, be mesmerized by all its beauty, indulge in all you want, spend all your money and at the end trust me, it’s all worth it!

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