Rahul Gandhi is back into active politics after 2 months hibernation

You can call it Vanvas, sanyas, or just another chill-pill break? Fifty-six days is indeed a long time for an “active” politician to be hibernating. Rahul Gandhi is back in active politics once again with his batteries recharged. Now the major question is whether Mr Gandhi is back for good? Assuming the answer affirmative what does he propose to do?

Mr. Gandhi was addressing the farmer’s rally of around 80 thousand farmers brought in special trains and busses to attend the rally at Ramleela Maidan in New Delhi on Sunday. He was attempting to focus rural anger towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies. This was his first ever meeting after his return from the long vacation abroad. “Modiji won the election with loans from big industrialists for marketing. He will pay back that loan now by giving your land to those industrialists,” alleged Mr Gandhi in an aggressive 22-minute speech.

He was accompanied on stage by his mother, Congress president Sonia Gandhi and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh – all three alleged that PM Modi was bringing anti-farmer policies. “Enough is enough,” said Sonia Gandhi and Rahul too slammed the PM for his comments during his recent foreign visit in which he had talked about “cleaning up the mess” after the previous Congress government. The ruling BJP on Sunday retaliated swiftly to the assault launched on Prime Minister Narendra Modi by Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi at a big farmers rally in Delhi. It has asked Mr Gandhi to apologise for “insulting the people’s mandate. BJP’s Ravi Shankar Prasad asked Mr Gandhi to apologies for “insulting the nation’s mandate” in last year’s election in which the BJP won a majority and Rahul Gandhi’s Congress was reduced to 44 seats, its worst ever showing. “The Congress party should tell us how many times Rahul Gandhi will be launched and re launched?” he stated.

“Rahul said we took money from big corporates and won elections, does he have any right to insult the government like this? We condemn this brazen contempt against the popular mandate. You have lost everywhere and now this is what you say?” Mr Prasad said. He also took on Mr Gandhi for his reference to the “Gujarat model” of land acquisition by bringing up the controversial land deals of Mr Gandhi’s brother-in-law, Robert Vadra, saying, “Sonia ji Rahul ji tell us, what is the Vadra model of development, what is the Vadra model of land acquisition…” To Mr Gandhi’s allegation that the PM had insulted the nation by criticising the previous Congress-led regime in a public speech on his recent visit abroad, Mr Prasad made another dig at Mr Gandhi for his sabbatical. “How did the PM insult the nation in Toronto? One goes abroad for introspection, the other for raising the prestige of the country,” and also, “Did the 2G scam, Coal scam not happen during the Congress regime?”


This rally was an attempt of Mr. Gandhi to regain the momentum of his political career which is swinging in uncertainty and cool down the grumbling rebellious party colleagues.

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