Police Harassment Led Three Members Of Family To Commit Suicide In South Goa

Police Harassment Led Three Members Of Family To Commit Suicide

In one of the shocking incidents, continuous harassment by the police has prompted three members of a family to end their lives. According to the family member of the deceased, persistent harassment from the local police has led to the suicide of his kins. 

The story begins with the lodging of a fabricated police complaint by the landlord of the place where these three deceased were residing. The landlord had accused them of stealing money. 

The sources have further revealed that the Verna Police was calling them to the police station every day for the last four days and torturing them physically and mentally to give the statement, but the deceased did not fall their pressure and the torture went on for the 4 consecutive days. 

When today police called them to the police station they did not turn up out of the fear of getting tortured further and took the drastic step of committing suicide. According to the reports, the accused, his wife, and his brother committed suicide by hanging themselves. 

The family is accusing the police is now harassing them to collect the bodies of the deceased. But the family is demanding for registration of FIR before collecting the bodies.

The sources revealed that the family from Karnataka Bagalkot was living at Sancole near MES college in south Goa and the area comes under the jurisdiction of Verna police station. 

The wife was working at the house of the landlord as a maidservant and the landlord had lodged the complaint in the police against all 3 for stealing money. 

In the country where big bulls have robbed the banks for thousands of crore the police is busy torturing the small people on the bare complaint of stealing. 

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