Police claims most accident occur on Saturdays and Mondays in Goa


Traffic police Police claims accident occur Saturdays-Mondays Goa. This statement has come in the backdrop of multiple fatal accidents that took place last fortnight in Goa. Goa traffic police have made a claim that they have observed the trend that most of the road accidents have taken place either on Saturdays or on Mondays. What is the reason behind this claim, let’s have a look.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] Based on the information provided by the PTI news agency, Goa Traffic police have revealed that most of the accidents in Goa take place either on a weekend or in the beginning of the week. The claim of the police is backed by the data gathered and observation done by them on this issue.

Police sources have also furnished the data to the news agency according to which, 1121 road accidents that have occurred this year. Until March, there were around 83 people have lost their lives. “The trend that we have noticed here is that a maximum number of accidents happens on Saturdays and Mondays,” said the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Dharmesh Angle. According to him, the reason behind these accidents increases in numbers of vehicles on the road during those two days.

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According to Mr. Angle, he and his team have been doing a thorough analysis of the data that has made available from various police stations and which indicates that around 98 percent of the accidents have occurred this year due to rash and negligence driving.

According to Angle, one-third of the accidents takes place due to the sheer negligence of the riders or drivers alone. “Last year, 302 persons were killed on Goan roads, of which 119 were due to ‘self-accidents’. The riders or drivers are killing themselves by not abiding by traffic rules. That’s suicidal,” the IPS officer said.

Mr. Angle claimed that around 98 percent accidents that took place this year are due to rash and negligent driving. “The accident data analyzed during first three months of this year indicates that 98.21 percent disasters were due to rash and negligent driving,” the Deputy SP said.

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The data shows that 39 percent accidents have taken place on the national highways alone and the rest 61 percent occurred on the state highways and internal roads. Angle said 71 percent of the accidents in the coastal state this year occurred on the straight roads as against 18 per cent which took place on the curves.

According to the data, nearly 47.16 percent of the accidents were involving two-wheelers and 35.67 percent involved cars, while the rest were due to heavy vehicles and others.

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To control the accidents and to create the awareness, Goa Police has initiated the drive that has started on 15th April and it will continue until the end of this month. It will instill discipline among drivers.

During the last 10 days, 42,000 cases were registered across the state in a joint drive by Traffic Police and local police stations, Angle said. “Total 1,300 cases were booked for driving without a seatbelt,” he said. Goa police had also launched a special drive against drunken driving during last weekend wherein 161 people were fined, the officer added.




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