Places of Interest

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Bondla Wild Life Sanctuary

IMG_7076In reality there is no full-fledged wildlife sanctuary in Goa. Bondla is rather a Zoo located in the Ponda Taluka, the north eastern region of Goa. The lush green and strikingly beautiful foothills shelter this smallest wild life reserve of Goa. The total area of the park is 8 km. Though they have maintained few rare spices in the Bondla but trip is very small unless you are nature lover and photographer, you can take a round of jungle around and ………..


Goa State Museum

Entrance_to_Goa_State_Museum_Museum is the compilation of historical & cultural inheritance of the state. The State of Goa has got long historical and cultural tradition. The State Museum of Goa is set up, with the aim at centralizing and preserving antiquities, art objects and objects of cultural importance, throwing light on the ancient historical and cultural traditions of Goa and exhibiting them thematically……..