Pharmacy Store In Sankhalim Gutted in Fire Today Morning

Farmacy Gutted in Fire
The Fire Brigade Personnel Trying To Extinguish The Fire

During the wee hours of the day, a major fire broke out at Daultara pharmacy in Sankhalim area. The pharmaceutical store, which is located opposite the Radhakrishna temple in Sankhalim was completely gutted in the fire. 

Firefighting personnel was immediately rushed to the site to control the flames, however, by then, much damage was already done to the pharmacy store. 

Efforts were put in by the personnel to recover whatever could be saved. 

The owner of the pharmacy shop has claimed a loss of almost Rs 50 lakhs due to this incident. The entire shop was completely destroyed by the fire. 

Another mobile shop and one bank ATM located adjacent to the pharmacy were luckily not affected, as the fire gutted only the interior of the medical store completely. 


Furthermore, being a pharmacy store, much of the medicines and goods stored in the store were reduced to ashes quickly. 

According to officials, the cause of the fire is still not known.

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