Peddlers Opt For Drug Rehab To Explore More Territories To The Business

Drug Rehab To Explore More Territories
Drug Peddling at Rehab Center in Goa (Representational Image)

Goa has been long known to have a heavy drug circle flourishing, through domestic and foreign tourists, including locals itself, who are part of an entire drug nexus, resorting to peddling and distribution, and now even growing of narcotics substances in the state. 

To battle, those who are looking to come out of this vicious drug nexus, the Drug Treatment Clinic (DTC) was opened up at the North Goa district hospital in Mapusa in 2018. Since its inception, the center has catered to many drug addicts undergoing drug rehab treatments. 

However, it is also learnt that now, some addicts are visiting the centre to in-turn search for more clients to conduct their business with. 

As per a local report, three abusers were caught indulging in the sale of drugs at the hospital premises itself. After this, their names were removed from the enrolment at the DTC, and were warned not to step into the hospital again. 

The centre has been doing its best in helping many drug addicts re-start a new life. As of now, the hospital has around 100 people listed for treatment, who visit the hospital routinely. 

Amid the genuine ones hoping to get a new shot at life, the report stated that some start off with a sincere reason to get better, however, later give in and go back to consuming drugs. 


According to the medical officer there, two were caught rolling joints behind the hospital mortuary. Explaining the reason why the addicts caught in these activities within the hospital were not handed over to the police, the doctor said that they wanted to see if any of them (addicts) would continue the treatment.

“It would not have helped in their treatment. So, we thought they ought to be given one chance of redemption,” he was quoted as saying. 

The DTC has a strict procedure for people enrolling for treatment, which includes no groupism and keeping away from other patients who may be waiting in a queue at the hospital premises. 

The concern here remains that many addicts, enrol for such medical rehab programmes with no intention to get better but to only find new clients to peddle drugs with, or to source them from. The hospital, when it identifies such persons, immediately issues a warning to them to stop, or their names are removed and entry to the hospital is barred. 

Another important trend noticed is that the hospital sees more people seeking help during the off-tourism season, while when the season picks up, the numbers visiting drop. 

Over the course of this month, nearly four-drug rackets were busted, with police finding it a new drift of people resorting to growing narcotics substances within their home premises. Initially, it was all sourced from outside the state. Now, with easily available techniques online, and artificial lighting and other things available, rented apartments are now used for such activities. Most of these incidents have been located to occur along North Goa’s Mandrem, Arambol and Keri areas of Pernem taluka. 

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