Patna Rail Tragedy, more than 200 people died, several hundred seriously injured

Yet another railway accident took place this year and this time more than 200 have lost their lives claims the report. The figure of injured is still not been ascertained but it is said that several hundred have sustained the serious injuries due to the derailing of the train from the track near Pukhrayan in Kanpur in the wee hours of Sunday. Read the full report here.

According to the sources, more than 200 hundred people have lost their life in the train accident that took place in Kanpur which left several hundreds of passenger injured. The sources have revealed that around 14 coaches have been derailed in the accident that took place at around 3am on Sunday in Kanpur.

The Railway Minister Shri Suresh Prabhu has assured that full compensation will be given the deceased and the guilty will not be spared under any circumstances. The report published by the Times of India 14 coaches of the Patna-Indore express train derailed near Kanpur around 3am on Sunday. The actual location the accident is said to be Pukhrayan around 100 KMS away from Kanpur, claims the sources.

The figure of death toll has been raised from 100 to 200 by the Sunday evening. The cause of the accident is said to be a Rail Fracture said the sources. The reason behind the increase in casualty is said to the absence of modern Linke Holfmann Bush (LHB) coaches in the ill-fated train. “Had there been stainless steel LHB coaches, then the damage could have been less as these coaches have more in-built safety features which can absorb shock and impact of derailment more effectively and as a result do not topple,” said the sources.



The government did not wait for announcing the compensations to the deceased and injured, it would have been better if the same government would have provided little more safety with the similar amount and saving many precious lives which now cannot be replaced by the monetary gains.

According to the sources, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced Ex-Gratia of Rs. 2 Lakh each for the kin of deceased and Rs. 50,000 for seriously injured in this accident. Meanwhile, the railway minister Suresh Prabhu did not remain behind and offered the generous compensation of Rs. 3.5 Lakh Ex-Gratia for the  killed in derailment and Rs. 50,000 for the seriously injured.

According to the sources, the UP (Uttar Pradesh) CM Shri Akhilesh Yadav went one more step ahead by offering Ex-Gratia Rs. 5 Lakhs to the kin of each person lost their life in the accident and Rs. 50,000 for the seriously injured and Rs. 25,000 for Minor injuries.

The Railway minister has tweeted the Emergency Helpline Numbers

National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams have reached the spot and have swung into action along with the state police, pulling out bodies and providing aid to the victims. meanwhile, the Railways ministry has ordered a probe into the accident. Suresh Prabhu, who ordered the investigation, said, “An inquiry team will start an investigation into the cause of the accident. Guilt won’t be spared.”

The UP CM has also directed the Director General of Police (DGP) to personally monitor the relief operations. The Prime Minister of India, Shri Modi Ji has tweeted his grief sympathies saying that he has “Anguished beyond words on the loss of lives due to the derailing of the Patna-Indore express. My thoughts are with the bereaved families”

The track fracture has been held responsible for this tragic accident and the team has been ordered to take care of an investigation but the simple thing have perhaps been overlooked here which could have surely avoided this accident and that is the poor maintain of the railway tracks in the state. “Inquiry team will start an investigation into the cause of accident immediately. All necessary assistance provided to the affected, we are taking care,” Prabhu has tweeted.

According to the sources, the poor track maintenance including lack of proper fittings and ballast on the railway lines causes fracture on the tracks.  While a simple crack on track may not be of much concern, a severe fracture causing separation of the track could lead to derailment of trains.

The complete report on the reason behind the accident and loss of human lives will come up only in next few days, but till then the government may have enough time to look after the ancient prone tracks and take care of the same before another tragedy takes place.


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