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Set in the hills of the Mandovi river is the Pascoal Spice Farm at Khandepar, rich in the abundance and diversity of its plants. Pascoal Farms welcome you all the days of the Year. Pascoal Organic Spice Village is a unique place to experience its natural secrets. It is located as a very scenic spot; hence everyone who visits this farm carries back their sweet memories. There are absolute NO pesticides but compost materials include sugarcane waste, cow dung, poultry and fish manure. Hence Pascol Organic Spice Village is ORGANIC. The spices may be the one that are available in the Goan market, but the real point of attraction is the process of cultivating it till reaches the actual market. The spices to include few are Nutmeg, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Cloves, Turmeric, Vanilla, Ginger, Hing, Curry leaves, Black Cardamom, Mango ginger and many more.

Mr Milagris Fernandes is key person to make Pascol Organic Spice Village a place of varied interests, organically growing since 1982. His childhood passion now has shaped into his profession as he could transform a property of 20 acres into a unique gallery of service called ‘Pascoal Organic Spice Village’.

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Pascoal Organic Spice Village offers you an opportunity to celebrate any big or small function, including a birthday, wedding, anniversaries, receptions and even a press conference. The entrance to this 20-acre property has a big white elegant gate, with a centered fountain that adds a glory as you enter.


Pascol Organic Spice Village is one of its places only where you will find that they entertain thier guests in unique way and of course whole-heartedly. The main attraction over here is ‘Their Gentle Giant’ who takes you on a ride and also gives you an opportunity to feed him. Yes, he is an Elephant. They also entertain thier guests allowing them to a relaxing ride along with the river on a bamboo raft. You would never forget this ride as you hold the rope and move towards its other end.

Thier cottages have Portuguese architecture that provides right ambience along the riverbank. The cottages are covered with the coconut leaves other than the rainy season. The cottages have mud (clay) walls and that retains the warm temperature of the room. The interior is simple and cozy. It also have an air-conditioned accommodation that is just on above side of restaurant, with dense trees. The construction is made of locally available stone that pores in nature and reddish brown in colour.

Pascoal Spice Village

The aroma of tasty and delicious food, that spreads around the restaurant just pulls anyone who would be around. The normal dishes consist of locally available fish, lobsters, crabs, pronze, served along with the boiled rice and bread, in a broad plantain leaf. And the list doesn’t just stop here, as there are several interesting vegetarian dishes too.  The environment here tempts to have a flavor of Goan traditional Kaju Feni. Which is made out of cashew apple. The process is lengthy but the final drink is worth trying once, which is serve in a specially made coconut shell, which looks as if you are serving the same directly from the coconut. Pascol Organic Spice Village is always open to serve you anyday.

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