Parents arrested for strangulating one year old girl in Goa

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According to the news published by PTI, the parents arrested for strangulating the one-year-old girl to death at their residence in Old Goa. This perhaps is the most disgusting case that took place in Goa lately.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the sources, the mother of the deceased lodged the complaint with the Old Goa police stating that their one-year-old girl died in her sleep and she found out the same only after she went to wake her up in the morning. “The police station was informed by the mother of the girl that she died in her sleep in the morning,” police inspector Uday Parab told PTI.

After the complaint police swung into action and started their investigation in the right direction and found out that the girl named as Chandani Kumari had died due to strangulation and they immediately took the parents of the deceased girl into the custody for further investigations. “We have taken into custody her parents Harban Mahato and Santra for interrogation,” Parab told PTI.

While the Harban Mohato arrested he was about to escape to Bihar from Goa but police managed to trap him at the Karmali police station in the late evening Wednesday, informed the police sources. The sources in the police have also said that the when they asked the mother of deceased she informed that her husband Mohato left the residence in the morning to go to Bihar and at that time she did not realize that her daughter was dead. “Considering that she is fast asleep I did not wake her up but later on when I tried to wake her up she did not respond to it and I called the neighbor who then informed the police about the incident, ” Santra told the police.

Dy Sp Sarafin Dias took this matter seriously and asked the Old Goa police to investigate into the matter after which the truth surfaced, revealed the sources i the police. Further investigation is carried out by PSI Sagun Sawant attached to Old Goa police station.


Source: PTI


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