Online Sex racket busted by Goa Police, new techniques of sex trade exposed

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The business of Escorts services is booming in Goa with many girls roped into this business by the traffickers are staying in the north Goa coastal belt and Bardez in the rented premises and serving the potential customers on the directions of the operators.

Based on the information provided by the ARZ chief Arun Pandey to Goa Prism, north Goa Police has managed to unearth the online sex racket which has started spreading its tentacles in Goa. The crime branch of Goa Police raided the place in Calangute in North Goa and arrested the culprits while rescuing 8 girls. The information also revealed that the operators were an outsider who runs the sex racket in Goa, but the guest house owners are Goans. This raid has brought one more thing into the light and that, the sex traders have started using the new techniques for engaging the girls into this business.

According to Arun, it is getting more and more and more default to get hold of the traffickers in this business and they are adapting to the new ways of working every time. “Earlier they (the pimps) used to collect the money themselves while fixing the deal with the customer, but now to avoid the arrest they have changed their modus operandi,” said Arun. “According to their new modus operandi, the taxi is arranged which takes the girls to the customer and here girls themselves collect the money and that way it becomes difficult to catch the traffickers red-handed,” he added.

Arun Pandey, the backbone of ARZ (Anyay Rahit Zindagi), in the telephonic conversation with the editor of Goa Prism, revealed that in this particular case the girl was aware of the place in advance and she tipped the police about the incident which led to the raiding of the place in Calangute. “We managed to rescue around 8 girls in this operation with the help of north Goa police and we also managed to get hold of some of the culprits in this raid,” said Arun.

Earlier the traffickers used to operate on the phone but now the trends have changed. Nowadays the traffickers are using the online medium such as websites, social media and WhatsApp to run their business. Lately, there was a case exposed by the Goa Prism about the online escort services with hundreds of escorts’ websites ( operating from India as well abroad. This raid was the result of two such escorts websites busted by Goa Police crime branch in association with ARZ NGO and the same was run by the pimps / traffickers in the guise of prospective female inviting the customers online.

The raid of police yesterday night on the guest house in Calangute culminated arresting 8 people most of them were in the age group of their late twenties except that of the old lady who was running the guest house in Calangute. According to more available information on this from other sources, the police laid the trap by contacting the pimps of two such escorts websites through the fake customers and cracked the deal to supply the girls by paying the money in advance as demanded by them. Based on the information provided by the PI Dattaguru Sawant, these websites provides the mobile numbers of the pimps which police utilized had to get in touch with them, the police have also arrested the taxi driver Gauresh Patekar from Manderm while attached two cars which were used to ferry the customers and girls to the guest houses. Police also managed to get hold of the mobile phones and the SIM cards used by the pimps. Police yet to trace the main traffickers involved into this case.

The escorts business ( is booming in Goa with many high-end escorts running the portals from Canada, US, UK, Russia and other countries. It is a difficult task for the cyber cell to get hold of the website operators and keep the track of the amount of trafficking going on. It is very important that the citizens of the society should also help the police and NGOs to discover and eradicate such activities taking place in the society. Please do leave your valuable comments and suggestions on this very serious issue.

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