One of the most horrifying accidents that took place at Old Goa Corlim in the last week claiming five lives still remains the mystery before the Goa Police. Despite having the CCTV footage the exact cause of an accident is not yet ascertained. Meanwhile, during the police investigations, the truck driver confessed of having seen the motorist coming out from the entry gate of the petrol pump and to save him the car driver went on the wrong side causing this accident.

According to the Old Goa Police, there are no pieces of evidence supporting the statement made by the truck driver. The road accident that took place on 17th April at 3.47 pm at Old Goa, Corlim was one of the weirdest incidents have happened in Goa till date and police are leaving no stone unturned to find out the actual reason behind the accident. According to the sources, the Old Goa police had questioned the truck driver who supposed to have told the story to police which has no visible evidence. According to the truck driver, he saw the motorist coming out from the entry gate of the petrol pump due to which the car driver deviated his car which in turn went on the wrong side thus resulted in the deadly accident.

When police saw the CCTV footage provided by the petrol pump owner they did not find any traces of the motorist going out from the entry gate of the petrol pump before the accident but then the accident still remains the mystery. According to the sources, Goa Police spoke to Mr. Prasad Bhoir who in presently admitted into the GMC and was sitting next to Mr. Pereira at the time of the accident but Bhoir said that he did no see anything. If according to Mr. Bhoir he did not see anything then why did the truck driver telling lies? Police are still waiting to find out the answer to this question, said the sources. 


Meanwhile, the Old Goa police are contemplating that the accident could have taken place due to the mistake of the car driver who was probably in process of overtaking went to the wrong side of the road. According to the sources in police, “The CCTV footage of the petrol pump does not corroborate the statement of the truck driver. Rather, the footage gives an impression that the accident might have happened due to an overtake attempt made by the car driver.” The CCTV footage does not show any vehicle exiting the entry gate of the petrol pump before the accident but right after the accident there one motorcycle is seen coming towards the petrol pump in the CCTV footage which gives an indication that the car driver was in process of overtaking that particular motorcyclist had banged onto the oncoming truck, said the sources. 

Meanwhile, the police also spoke to the vegetable vendor sitting right opposite the petrol pump but the claims of not having seen anything. The evidence is coming into the picture police has no option but to apply the overtaking angle to the accident at the moment. There is no doubt that the car was overspending prior to the accident as the impact was very severe and the car driver had also crushed two pedestrians before ramming into the truck coming from the opposite direction, said the sources.

Meanwhile, according to the sources, now the Goa police is in search of a motorcyclist who entered the frame of the CCTV footage right after the accident, he stopped his bike in front of the petrol pump and walked towards the accident spot. But police still could not manage to identify that motorcyclist, said the sources. According to the police, the motorcyclist could work out one of the key witnesses in this accident case.

It may be recalled that on 17th March at around 3.47 pm the deadliest accident took place at Old Goa Corlim in which five people died on the spot and three were seriously injured and later admitted into the GMC (Goa Medical College & Hospitals) at Bambolim. The impact was so severe that three passengers sitting in the car died on the spot beside the two pedestrians whom the car had already smashed before ramming into the truck coming from the opposite side. According to the sources, the Maharashtra registered Maruti SX4 car bearing the number MH-04-ET-3842 had rammed into the truck bearing registration number DN-09-J-9100 coming from the opposite direction after knocking down two pedestrians, said the sources.


The CCTV footage gave the clear picture of this accident but the reason behind the accident still remains the mystery. Now the police waiting to speak to Mr. Pereira who was driving the car on that fateful day and who is presently in critical condition and undergoing treatment at GMC, said the sources. The revelation of the real reason behind this accident will give the police clear picture and it will help in taking this case ahead in which Mr. Pereira could face the legal proceedings for causing the death of five innocent people. If you wish to leave your valuable comments on this issue please go ahead.




  1. There was nothing coming out of petrol pump. The car driver must be a UAE driving license holder where there is right hand driving. And India is left hand driving. Mr. Pereira suddenly felt he is driving wrong side when UAE driving entered in him and he went right side and hit the truch. This is 99% what actually is the reason .


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