Ocean Spa & Salon

Ocean Spa & Salon in located close to the Colva beach, so if you are nearby, it is easier to become a regular customer to Ocean Spa & Salon & take advantages of their discounts or any special offers. If you have a very busy life, then give yourself a small break by going for a body massage, facials, haircut, manicure or any other services such as body treatments at Ocean Salon. Join Ocean Spa & Salon at Colva, Margao, South Goa, Goa and avail all the benefits & services from Ocean Spa & Salon.

Ocean Spa & Salon is a famous Spa in Goa for Spa Treatments & Therapies and also a Salon in Goa for Professional Hair Cut & Hair Styling. Ocean Spa provides Facials, Massages, Scrubs & Wraps using Natural Skincare products.Facial therapies includes skin firming, skin toning, regenerating tissue cells & anti-stress face massage for all kind of skins. At Ocean Spa you can relax your body by special treatments for head, back, shoulders, arms & feet. Services offered at Ocean Salon consists of Hairstyling, Hairdressing, Facials, Massages, Manicures, Pedicures & lot more….

Ocean Massage Therapy

Ocean Spa & Salon in Colva is a place that offers peace, inspiration and profound relaxation. The perfect combination of exotic treatment, professional caring services, and high quality products put together gives an exceptional spa and salon experience.


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