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The new year may come with some new surprises of the Goans as the state Government is planning to increase the electricity consumption charges from the April 2021. The new tariff proposal has been submitted by the electricity department to the Joint Electricity Regulatory commission. 

According to the reports, Goa State Electricity Department has submitted the new tariff proposal before the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission recommending the increase in the charges to bridge the gap of 301.4 crore projected revenue making it 38 per cent p over the existing 218.2 for the current financial year. 

Pushing for rationalisation measures, the proposal is to implement kVAh-based billing for all HT/EHT categories of consumers and non-telescopic-based billing for LT domestic (above 200 units), LT commercial and LT industrial consumers.

The electricity department wants  to withdraw the benefit of the first two lower slabs, viz. 0-100 and 101-200 units for consumers whose consumption is more than|200 units.

The rationalisation and slab changes measures are expected to earn Rs 122.75 crore to the department and the remaining Rs 178.65 crore of the projected revenue gap is to be met through budgetary support from the state government.

The department’s new tariff proposal for the coming year has been  put up on the JERC website, with the window for suggestions and comments from the public being open until January 20, 2021.

Significant features of the proposal reveal that the department has estimated energy sales of 4057.74 MU to 6.95 lakh consumers in the state for 2021-22, as against energy sales of 3706.48 MU to 6.51 lakh consumers in the current year.

The connected load for 2021-22 has been projected at 29,78,034KW/ kVA compared to 28,78,609 KW/ kVA load in 2020-21, while the inter-state transmission losses for 2021-22 have been pegged at 10.25 per cent vis-à-vis 10.5 per cent in the ongoing financial year. 

The new tariffs are to be made applicable from April 1, 2021

The department has estimated a net revenue requirement of Rs 2222.53 crore for 2021-22, of which it expects to earn Rs 1921.13 crore revenue from the sale of power.

In 2020-21, the net revenue requirement of the department has been estimated at Rs 2089.15 crore while income from sale of power at Rs 1870.94 crore. 

The projected increase in the total consumers of power in the state over the year is about 6.7 per cent from 6.51 lakh consumers to 6.91 lakh consumers the next year.

Of the consumers, 51.7 per cent are industrial, 14.7 per cent are commercial and 31.5 per cent are domestic consumers;   the balance usage come from agriculture, street-lighting and defence establishments.

Source : NT 

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