Now you can pay your electricity bills online, mobile app to be launched soon


Standing in the big queue of electricity department’s bill payment facility is quite a troublesome task and the people in the state had to go through it every month but now the scenario is changing. Goa is developing into modern InfoTech state. Now you may not need to stand in the queue anymore.

According to the sources, the department of electricity is now in the process of developing the mobile App for the convenience of the consumers in the state. The new system after putting into the implementation will be able to deliver the bills directly to your mobile devices. The new system will be initially implemented into the capital city of Goa and subsequently spread across the rest of the parts in the state.

According to the power department secretary Kunal, the department is improving its facilities. Earlier the bills used to get delivered to the consumer on irregular basis sometimes bi-monthly and in some cases even four months time but now the bills are getting delivered to the consumer on monthly. “Today electricity department have the toll free calling facility (number) where the consumer can call and file their complaints. Presently department receives an average 250 complaints every day which are fairly reasonable for the small state like Goa,” said Kunal.

The department of electricity is in the process of reducing the bill delivery time further by introducing the online facility and they are planning to engage the services of Goa Electronics Ltd. (GEL) for this job.

To go ahead in this direction, the department of electricity has recently launched the new website which they claim to be more user-friendly and has a customer service option. The website also contains the information on the power outage in the state. For more information and paying your bills online please visit the ONLINE ELECTRICITY DEPARTMENT.

According to Kunal, from the time he took over the charge of the post, the number of complaints has been reduced. According to Kunal, one of the major hurdle faced by the people those who set up the industries in Goa is the issues with power supply.

The sources revealed that, once the mobile app is launched the whole scenario will change. People will start receiving the bills right on their mobile devices and even the payments can be done via the mobile app. Similarly, the lodging of the complaints will become easier compared to the present scenario.

Sources: Various Sources  


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