Now the License of three times offenders will be cancelled – Srivastava

Goa Police Giving Challans to the Offenders in the city (Image source: NT)

The cases of traffic violations are hitting the roof in Goa with accidents taking place on daily basis resulting into losing so many valuable lives. Government has tried all the tactics to curb the violation but people do not seem to be taking it seriously. Recently someone has posted on the social media, the picture of schoolboy, minor, was riding the two wheeler with the pillion rider, this is the height of violation when someone is not even attain the age of having license to drive is riding the bike openly in the town under the nose of traffic police department. To avoid any further violations the government has decided to take stringent action against the violators of the law.

According to the news published by the local daily “The government will conduct a month-long enforcement drive to curb traffic violations and to instill a sense of road safety among the citizens in view of the high number of road deaths in Goa.” talking to the media Chief Secretary R K Srivastava, who recently chaired the meeting of transport stakeholders had mentioned that police will be preparing the data base of the offenders in a very strict manner to enforce the rules and the offenders will be punished accordingly “Offenders will be challenged and if they commit traffic offences three times, their licenses will be suspended and cancelled,” Srivastava said.

Srivastava also informed that he has instructed the police department to utilize their power to educate two wheeler riders to wear the helmets “We want to educate people. We do not want to penalize them,” Srivastava said. He was surprised at the representations of the media where they try to highlight reports of the people in some parts of the state demanding the removal of the helmet rule from the state, “India is the only country in the world where the maximum numbers of deaths are due to road accidents. We are trying to save lives; and here are people demanding that the government amend rules to allow helmet-less riding,” Srivastava said. He also showed his amazement over the issue of 100% ladies in the state wearing helmets “Not a single lady ride So we have asked police to cajole, convince and use all their powers of persuasion to tell the men to wear helmets too,” he said.

Srivastava has also directed the PWD (Public Works Department) to conduct a survey of all damaged roads in Goa which can cause accidents. “We appeal to all members of the public to comply with traffic rules and to wear helmets for their own safety,” Srivastava said. In fact the bad roads are also the reason of many accidents taking place in the state. But of course we cannot alone blame the government alone, because they are working hard for our safety, death occurring due to not wearing helmets is the 100% mistake of the rider regardless of road and traffic conditions. If we educate ourselves and our family and friends to follow the traffic rules, wear helmets, then may be the death ratio due to road accident could go down. How many of us allow our minor children to ride a bike without the license? Is it because we do not care for the traffic rules or we do not care about the safety of their life?  What foolish thing to blame everything and everybody for the accident except to yourself? Think over this, and please do not forget to leave your most valuable comments and suggestions on this very serious issue.

Source: TN

Author: Rajesh Ghadge

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