Now Goa Police is on your fingertips

Daily there are hundreds of mobile apps been added to the library of the smart phones by the app makers throughout the world and these apps are developed on the ANDROID, WIDNOWS & IOS platforms. One such app has been developed by Karben InfoTech for Goa Police and it has been sponsored to the Goa police by the Manipal Group of Hospitals as the latter’s social responsibility initiative. With the help of this app you don’t need to visit the police station in person any more, you just need to download this app on your mobile and the police stations will be at your fingertips, difficult to believe then please read here …

Visiting police stations to lodge a complaint could soon be a thing of the past. In an ambitious move, the Goa police are preparing to launch a mobile-based public safety application that will allow users to report offences and communicate effectively with the police. Expected to be out next month, the free-of-cost app will be available across all operating systems —iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Android — said DGP T N Mohan to press here in the city capital.

Unfolding the details of the app, Mr. Mohan said it will allow citizens to log into the system and elucidate the police of an offence by way of pictures, voice recordings, or text messages. The message will then pop up at the state police control room, from where it will be forwarded to the police station concerned for necessary action. The app can also be used to report traffic violations, he added. After a complaint is lodged via the app, the police will send the complainant a report number for hassle-free follow-up. “The report number is not to be considered a first information report (FIR) number,” Mohan clarified.



The app has been designed to allow many more features & various other functions, such as SOS—where one can send an emergency message to friends and relatives with just the push of a button—and the facility to summon medical aid. It will also comprise detailed safety tips and a list of traffic offences with the commensurate fines. The nearest police station, fire force, taxi service and even fuel station will be indicated to the user in times of emergency, said Mohan.

Mr. Karthik Kashyap, SP, crime branch, said the app will come pre-loaded with the organizational structure of the police force as well as with numbers of police stations across the state. He said while the Delhi, Surat, and Chandigarh police have already launched similar apps, the software of the app hosted by the Goa police will display several advanced features, including the ability to trace the complainant’s exact location.

With this kind of system in its place our police system perhaps will become more transparent and more effective and at the same time it will help hundreds of citizens to reach at any police station with their grievances without being present physically at the station. It will also help in the time of an emergency to reach to our near and dear ones. The software advancement and gadget technology is really one of the greatest blessings today’s generation have been blessed with?

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