Now get your passport in a week with police verification only after the issue of passport

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The making of the passport has always been the biggest hassle in our country. After completing the various formalities at the end, you are not sure of getting the passport at the end. But now the government is making the process easier by introducing the new guidelines to expedite the formalities.

According to the news published by the PTI news agency, now the passport will be issued subject to successful validation of Aadhar Number, Voter Identity Card or Permanent Account Number. The clause of police verification had been removed from the process in the month of August 2014 for the reissue of passports.

To expedite the process of passport issuance government of Goa has differed police verification process which usually used to take place before the issuance of the passport. It will now take place after the issuance of the passport subject to the submission of the valid identity documents at the time of filing the application. “It is the part of government’s efforts to improve and liberalize the police verification process,” said the officials.

The department of external affairs has issued the notification mentioning that here onwards all the first time applicants will be in a position to get the passport faster after the submission of just the Aadhar, PAN or Electoral Photo ID Card clubbed with an affidavit. The police verification will not be mandatory pre-issue of passport anymore.

The report also says that the passport will be issued once the Aadhar Number has been validated online along with the PAN card or EPIC. The external affairs ministry has also launched the Smartphone application (APP) mPassport police application for the speedy submission of police verification report.


The app will also be used by the field level verification officers to directly capture the report into the system digitally, “With the help of this app the need for downloading and printing of documents will not be necessary. This will help in reducing the time needed to process the documents and will amount to lessen the use of papers too.

The officials have also informed that the new process will not compromise on the security. “Our systems are capable enough to detect the fake identities and forgeries since it is linked with the Aadhar database information which will help in real time verification of the applicants while they are at Passport office,” he said. According to him, the government always reserves the authority to revoke the process in case of any discrepancies discovered in the documents after the issue of passport.

Source: PTI

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