Notorious Gangster Vinayak Karbotkar Killed in Sada Jail-break attempt in Goa

This may be the biggest Jail-Break attempt that has taken place in Goa. According to the sources, all the 49 jail inmates attempted an escape from the Sada-Sub jail yesterday night in which the Notorious Gangster Vinayak Karbotkar, the Killer of Drug Peddler Ashpak Bengre, got killed. The news came as the shocker since the incident took place during the election campaigning days in which the system is busy with. The Sada Sub-Jail Jailor and some police personnel were also injured in this attempt, said the sources.

According to the sources, Two groups of prisoners clashed in the jail premises that broke the security ring and damaged the jail property in which the jailer and some police personnel also got injured seriously. The scene at Sada Jail remained tensed after the jail inmates went berserk damaging the jail property and assaulting the jailor, said the sources. The sources have revealed that all the 49 inmates were supposed to get shifted to the Colvale Central Jail on 27th January but just two days before the attempt of escape took place.            

According to the available information from the reliable sources, the trouble began in Sada Sub Jail on the night of 24th January. At about 11 pm the notorious gangster, Vinayak Korbatkar, an accused of murdering fellow inmate Ashpak Bengre, who was lodged at Sada Sub Jail, had an issue with other jail inmates. The argument turned violent and Korbatkar and a rival group had a clash. Later about 49 inmates broke the internal security gate and reached near the main gate, however, they could not manage to escape as the main entrance gate of the jail was locked.


According to the sources, the jail inmates plunged the entire jail premies into darkness for more than 2 hours by snapping the power supply and breaking all the tube lights in the premises. Several teams of police personnel, as well as various teams of police from neighboring police stations, rushed to the jail and the entire area was cordoned off. Senior jail officials rushed to Sada Sub Jail late night. Later the situation was brought under the control by security agencies.

The sources in the police have revealed that the notorious gangster, Vinayak Karbotkar was supposed to be shited back to another jail in Maharashtra soon. “As per information received, inmate Korbatkar was supposed to be shifted to another jail in Maharashtra, however, due to some reasons he was taken and brought back to jail in the evening. Later over some verbal argument the Korbatkar group and other rival group clashed and they then came out of the security gate and started creating a ruckus. The situation, however, is under control,” South Goa Collector Swapnil Naik, who was personally monitoring the situation till late night, said.


The huge police force was rendered into the operation which surrounded the Sada Sub- jail premises and brought the situation under control, said the sources. “I was out in patrolling duty when I got a call that there is some problem at Sada jail. I rushed to the site and was informed that there was some fight between the inmates. They were supposed to be shifted to Colvale as the Sada jail would be going under repairs,” said the South Goa SP Ms. Chandan Chawdhary adding that “The situation is now fully under control. They have been overpowered and been taken back to the lockups. The jailor who was injured in the incident is reportedly fine and undergoing treatment at the hospital.”

The sources have said that the majority of the prisoners have been shifted to the Colvale Jail except for the few who got injured into this attempt had been admitted into the Chicalim Cottage Hospital. The operation jail break was on until the wee hours of the day said the sources. The force of more than 200 police personnel managed to foil the biggest jail break attempt of the time which took place in Goa.


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