North East Girls attacked at Porvorim, Goa Police Refused to File Complaint

Northeast Girls Attacked in Goa

In one of the shocking incident that took place in Porvorim during the lockdown period, northeast girls living in Porvorim, North Goa were attacked by a local lady and her daughters. The Porvorim police refused to file a complaint until the video of the attack went viral on the social media and the National Commission for Women (NCW) mentioned the incident on their Twitter handle tagging the DGP of Goa.

This is a common practice in Goa to not to register the complaints until unless the pressure is applied from the above and the entire police department seems to be ok with the system. Meanwhile, the accused had been put under arrest following the intervention of DGP Goa into the matter.

According to the reports, a disturbing viral video of some girls from northeast being attacked while bystanders merely watched in Goa had many people angry. They were allegedly physically attacked and racially abused. The Goa police took note of the incident after the National Commission for Women (NCW) mentioned it on Twitter, and have arrested the accused.


The report further stated that DGP Goa had assured that an FIR is filed regarding the matter at Porvorim Police Station after receiving a complaint from the victim, and the accused has been arrested.

According to the Meeteittoday, Some northeast girls were walking during evening near water reserve located at the old market of Porvorim, Goa, on April 17, 2020. A lady racially abused the Northeast girls by calling them ‘Coronavirus carriers‘ and ‘Chini‘. And within a few minutes, the racist lady with her daughters racially attacked the Northeast girls. The badly injured Northeast girls were brutally beaten by the racist lady and her daughters.

The local Goa police in Porvorim has reportedly threatened the Northeast girls and told the girls not to file any complaint. The Goa police told the Northeast girls that they have come to Goa for work and if they file any complaint then they cannot live in Porvorim, Goa and that the accused lady and her daughters will make their lives miserable.

Meanwhile, the National Commission for Women took up the case and also tweeted. “NCW has come across a FB post wherein few northeast girls were brutally attacked, abused, by a lady & her daughters, living at Police Colony, Porvorim, Goa. Further alleged, Local Police did not file any Complaints, instead, threatened them to refrain 4m registering any Complaint.”

The DGP Goa, who was tagged into the Twitter post had replied saying, “Thank you for sharing your concern. An FIR has been registered in the matter at PS Porvorim on a complaint received from the victim. The person accused has been placed under arrest. No allegation of racism has been made by the victim. Security of women is our priority!”


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