The Non-Goans (The outsiders according to Goans) always show an inclination towards investing into the properties in Goa but now there are new developments taking place which make it difficult for them to invest in Goa.

According to the sources, Goans primarily do not like the people from outside buying the properties in Goa and the demand for the special status was one such step towards the stopping of the outsider’s encroachment in the Goa. But Goa did not get the special status despite all the efforts.

BJP promised special status to Goans prior to 2012 elections but later on, they took U-Turn. But now the new developments that are taking place may give some relief to the Goans. According to the sources, the non-Goans may not be able to purchase the properties in Goa in the areas notified as the CRZ (Coastal Regulations Authority) zone said the sources.


According to the sources, the non-Goans and the foreigners invest into the properties in Goa for the commercial purpose and CRZ is one of the most lucrative option remains in their first choice but with the new development in the pace the outsiders may no want to invests into the properties anymore, said the sources. The sourceoptions revealed that During its meeting the GCZMA has observed that there are large-scale purchases of land in the CRZ areas by non-Goans or foreigners for commercial purpose.

The news is coming from the reliable sources said that the state-run Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority (GCZMA) is contemplating the possibility of imposing a complete ban on non-Goans buying land or properties in areas notified as Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ). GCZMA in its recently held meeting seriously deliberated on the possibility of imposing the ban on allowing the sale of properties or land in CRZ notified areas to those who are not from Goa, a senior official attached to the authority (GCZMA) told PTI.

According to the sources, the new development will curb the uncontrolled development in the CRZ notified areas thus saving the ecologically fragile land in Goa. According to the latest notifications, the areas coming under the 100 and 200 meters of the CRZ from the bank of river, estuaries, and creek come under the No Development Zone, said the sources. “The authority at its meeting on April 4 decided to seek legal opinion on the matter before drafting the proposal and placing it before the government for approval,” the official said.


The GCZMA during its recent meeting has observed that there are large scale purchases of the lands in CRZ areas by non-traditional coastal communities or the non-Goans or foreigners for commercial purpose. Goa has a 105-kilometre long coastline which attracts lakhs of tourists here. Are you against or with the recent development? Please share your valuable comments on the above issue.





  1. The proposed ban on purchase of land by non-Goans must be extended to include all of CRZ affected zones. Limiting it to include only NDZ areas will make it toothless and a mere eyewash since at present no legal construction activity is allowed by GCZMA within the NDZ areas 0 – 200m from High Tide Line (HTL). Most of the locals other than those engaged in fishing activities on the Coastal belt inhabit the villages beyond 200m on the landward side. Right now purchase of land in these areas is totally out of reach of the natives since they cannot match the black-money from Delhi & elsewhere.


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