No More Fake Documents & Forgery with DigiLocker – Central Government Initiative

With the Narendra Modi government in the centre, India is getting ready for the lots of surprises; it is mainly due to the pace at which the development is taking place in India. Whatever may some people say about the Modi ji but they will not be able to deny the fact that the amount of effort this man is taking for the development of our nation. DigiLocker is another initiative taken up by the BJP government in the centre to put full stop to the forgery or the use fake documents. According to the news published in the local daily “Forgery or the use of fake documents would become virtually impossible for the people in the state to get admissions to schools, get employment, services or benefit of any of the government schemes with the extension of DigiLocker system in the state, besides benefitting the government as well as people by cutting costs incurred on paper work”.

All you have to do is just log into the DIGILOCKER and get all your documents secured. Under the DigiLocker system any person from anywhere in India, connected via the internet, will be able store e-documents and uniform resource identifier link of e-documents issued by the various departments which would be linked to the Aadhar card number. These documents can be anything from your income tax certificate to your educational or residence certificates, you will be able to store them in DigiLocker and also able to share them online with any agencies as and when required. This will cut down lots of paper work and will increase the efficiency with complete security.

In the future Digital Locker will be established as standardized mechanism to issue all government related documents to all Aadhar cardholders in electronic and printable formats and one will be able to store them and share them with the various agencies. This would allow the government to move to electronic form and make the documents available for real-time access in a set of digital repository. This will also supersede use of physical documents besides providing the secure access to government issued documents. This will reduce the administrative overheard of government departments and agencies and make the task of people more easy.

The DigiLocker will be formally inaugurated by Prime Minister on the 1st July 2015 and all the state government departments have been directed to get their staff members registered under the system through one-time password method of registration. The system would be subsequently used for all the states. Senior officials of various departments said that the system is already being used at the central level and now it will be implemented in all the states to help the government as well as people.  “The government could just issue a notification or circular to implement the system,” the officials said adding that this would be a good step in providing authentic, cost effective and faster services.


The state government officials further said that infrastructure for the implementation of the scheme was already in place with each department having been computerized and having Goa Broadband Network Connection. The staff of government departments could access the central portal to access information or verify the documents stored there, they added. Nevertheless this new development seems to be helping majority of the people who have access to the internet but the Q mark remains to the places in India which do not even have a water connection till the date how they will be able to use these facilities? Whether it will reach to the real people at the end of the day? Or it may remains as one of those gimmicks? The readers suggestion and comments will put some more light on this issue.

Author: Rajesh Ghadge

Source: Various Sources

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