There was no lathicharge claims CM, AAP supports the Fishermen’s agitation

Traditional Goan Fishermen’s agitation has taken a serious turn after the agitators were trashed by the Goa Police while agitating in the city on Thursday. While the lathi charge was very much evident in the video footage released by the various media channels the chief minister of Goa has denied of any such incident took place. On another hand, some political parties have started getting involved in this fight. How the agitation of simple fishermen is getting politically influenced and who is fueling this agitation? Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] Traditional Goan Fishermen are agitating against the unethical practice adopted by the others such as the use of LED lights, China engine, and Bull trawlers to carry out fishing. These practices are causing the traditional fishermen lose their daily yields.

On Thursday, fishermen decided to take their agitation to the office of Fisheries Department and that culminated into the tussle between the agitators and policemen resulting into the lathi charge by tensed police. The news of lathi charge on the Traditional Fishermen spread like a fire in the state.

Goa chief minister has denied any lathi charge taken place quoting that police did their job of cleaning the road for traffic by dispersing the crowd. “It was not lathi charge. Since protestors were blocking the road for a long time, police tried to disperse them,” Parsekar said reacting to media reports that Superintendent of Police (North) Karthik Kashyap ordered lathi charge without mandatory approval of Sub Divisional Magistrate.

All the opposition parties came to the rescue of victimized fishermen. Trojano Demello, spokesperson of NCP Goa told the media that, there is a time to remember the incident of Nigerian Ruckus in which they had blocked the entire traffic on the NH17, “This situation is much milder than what Nigerian did on that day at Porvorim. Police handled that issue very delicately while here beating the poor fishermen mercilessly. Is this justified? ” he asked.


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The AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) leader, Valmiki Naik has condemned the police action in the fishermen agitation. In the press conference held in the city, he told the media that, “yesterday fisheries director was telling the fishermen to bring the list of people and give. What nonsense is this? Whose job it is to the investigation and find out violators? Is it the fishermen’s job or it is government’s work?.”

He demanded the explanation from the government asking what kind of action you are planning to take in this case. “What action government is planning to take in this besides crushing the peacefully protesting fishermen? Let the government declare as what action they are going to take against the violators.” He further said that AAP is demanding the judicial probe into this matter. “We need to find out as why this violence happened and who instigated this? We don’t want magisterial probe as it happened in the Cover em that leads to nothing. We demand the judicial probe led by a retired judge,” he said.

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Pankaj Gupta, National in-charge AAP told the media that, if this kind of peaceful agitation is crushed by the government using the police force then it is a very serious problem here. “It is the death of a democracy,” he said. Pankaj Gupta was speaking with the media after the bike rally kicked up from Bambolim having the celebrity Gul Panag leading the rally.

Gul Panag told the media that “Let the message go out loud and clear that now there is an option in front of the people of Goa. People of Goa now have one more choice, politically. “Till date we all have been complaining that we do not have an option. The situation of the devil and the deep sea has been prevailing in the state for quite some time. But now there is a strong option available. Arvind Kejriwal has set an example by giving us the alternate political party,” he added.

One of the agitators told the media that when the police trashed all of us no party came to our rescue. “I would like to thank the AAP, they came to our rescue. What do you think about the entire situation here? Do you think that there is someone who is instigating this agitation? Kindly leave your comments on this issue.

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