The new reforms will allow you to carry just a soft copy of driving license in future

Sometimes carrying hard copies of license and other documents becomes a lot of hassles but now with the new reforms taking place in the road transport sector now the things will be changing soon. The Road Transport Ministry is in the process of allowing the vehicle owners and drivers to carry the soft copies of Licenses and other documents such as registration and insurance papers. What more do the new reforms have in store for you? Read the complete news here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the news published in the national English daily, the Times of India, the Road Transport Ministry has proposed allowing the drivers and vehicles owners to carry the soft or hard copies of the License and other documents such as registration and insurance papers and the same will considered as a valid documents for the purpose of verification by the police.

According to the new reforms the applicant now will be in position to apply for the license or registration with any of the regional transport offices (RTO) and there won’t be any need of sticking to particular office this will give  more freedom and flexibility to the applicants and the work will also be done in more transparent manner.  The new policy will have the extended renewal period for the licenses which will be now one year instead of the earlier 30 days window. This will avoid a repeat of several formalities. But the holder of an expired license won’t be allowed to drive.

The ministry in its Cabinet proposal for amending the Motor Vehicles Act has proposed elaborate reforms to make a public interface with transport departments and government agencies smoother. The proposed changes are likely to come up during the monsoon session. Among them also a proposal to make the wearing of helmets mandatory for children over four years.

There are more changes to make the work faster and smoother said the sources. According to them all forms and applications are being made shorter and now people can submit the details online for processing. The measures seem to be directed at reducing physical interface with RTO’s and law enforcement agencies to curb corruption. “The focus of the amendments is to make services people friendly and also to improve road safety provisions. While RTOs will give smart chip-based driving licences and registration cards, but drivers will have the freedom to carry them or copies in hard form or soft copies since the entire proposal is based on the premise that personnel of law enforcing agencies will have hand-held devices to check the genuineness of the documents and to access past offences by the driver or the owner,” said a government official. However, road safety experts said that mandatory carrying of original driving license should not be done away with.

But let us slow down a bit here since with all the benefits in the place there is also a proposal for a manifold increase in penalties including fine, jail, cancellation of driving license and impounding of vehicles has been included in the Cabinet note, the focus is on refresher training for drivers in most cases. This has been done keeping in mind that across the world, drivers’ fault has been found as the main reason behind crashes. In India, very few undergo proper drivers’ training and rigorous tests to obtain a license.

Source: TNN


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