New of ways of cheating online companies lands Mother & son finally into the jail


This is the story of Mother-Son duo who invented new ways of cheating the various e-commerce companies including Snapdeal to the tune of 8.16 lakh by purchasing the expensive smartphones from them. How they managed to do it? And how they finally trapped by the e-commerce company, read the complete story here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the news published in the national daily, a 49-year-old woman along with a youth posing as mother and son have been arrested by police for allegedly cheating various e-commerce firms including Snapdeal to the tune of Rs. 8.16 lakh by purchasing the expensive iphones.

According to the sources, the modus operandi used by the mom-son duo was very innovative. First, they used to place the order of expensive iphones with the online companies on COD (Cash on Delivery) and once the product would arrive at their rented preemies they used to swap the same with the fake mobile phone in a similar package and return them with the excuse of the faulty piece. The box they used to return the delivery boy would contain the dummy mobile phone of the similar brand.

This would have continued indefinitely if the Snapdeal did not have smelt a rat in it and taken the action on time. According to the commissioner of Mumbai police crime branch Dilip Sawant, “After Snapdeal lodged a complaint against the ‘mother-son’ duo, crime branch sleuths raided their Kharghar flat and seized 17 iPhones worth a total Rs 8.16 lakh. We have urged other e-tailers to come forward and register complaints against them.”

According to the story narrated by the crime branch central unit officials, Dombivali resident Anita Shirish Kulkarni (49) and Naupada resident Mobin Yusuf Mahafule (24) had rented the premises in Kharghar’s Eden Garden Sector 5 with the help of forged documents using the fake namesn Anita & Sidharth Chabra. They used the unique modus operandi based on which the duo would book iPhones online with a cash-on-delivery option. The police said that when the parcel would arrive at their rented residence, Kulkarni would engage the delivery boy in a conversation, while the youth would take the parcel inside, swap it with a similar box containing a dummy iPhone model, and return the “parcel” to the delivery boy complaining that it’s a defective piece.

This was not the first time these duos have cheated someone. According to the police sources, they have used the similar modus operandi and cheated the people earlier. There are several similar cheating cases are registered against them in various police stations in India including Mumbai and Ahmadabad.

“The duo had purchased three iPhones from Snapdeal with a cash-on-delivery option. When the package was delivered to their rented apartment in Kharghar, they swapped the delivered parcel with a similar box containing dummy models and returned it to the delivery boy claiming they were defective pieces,” said Navi Mumbai police commissioner Prabhat Ranjan.

“Sensing something was wrong, Snapdeal lodged a complaint with the crime branch department. An investigation revealed that Kulkarni and Mahafule had used fake identities to rent the flat as mother and son and had cheated other e-tailers using the same modus operandi.” The Kharghar police have booked them for cheating and fraud under IPC sections 420, 465,468, 469, 471 and 34.

Source: TOI [/su_expand]