New Casino Vessel Enters MPT Goa Port on the occasion of a Laxmi Pujan

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While the Goa government is making the provisions for moving the offshore casinos on the strip of land near Panaji and set up an independent casino city on the lines of the casinos at Hong Kong harbor, the entry of a new casino vessel has raised the eyebrows of the people in the state. The news entrant shows that the casinos on River Mandovi are here to stay, then what about the announcement of moving the offshore casinos on the strip of a land near Panaji? Is it an eyewash or a big game plan for setting up a Gambling city in the state?  

According to reports published by The Goan, the vessel arrived at MPT on a Wednesday Afternoon, the day when Goa was busy celebrating the Diwali and it was the occasion of Laxmi Pujan. 

The reports of The Goan have done a good amount of research and found out that the vessel ‘Eide Trader’ arrived at Berth 10 in the MPT from Port Said at about 2 pm on Wednesday to unload “Casino vessel Angrosy IV”, with the shipper/receiver being Neo Majestic.   

While it is uncertain where the ship would be operational, highly placed sources said the new casino ship is likely to move to Jaigad/Ratnagiri on a trial run and for some minor works, before returning to Goa a few days later. 


According to the sources, the new casino vessel was shipped to the port on board a mother ship. “the new casino ship on board another feeder heavy lift ship, amid political uncertainties in the State and the ill-health of CM Manohar Parrikar, has been questioned by some in the port town,” said the sources. 

Meanwhile, the entire operation was carried out by The Goan along with a social activist Vikram Sarmalkar. “We need to find out who has got the casino ship and where it would be operational,” said activist Vikram Sarmalkar.

Sarmalkar further alleged that the BJP government is planning to turn Goa into the Casino city ‘Las Vegas’ by allowing more casino ships into the state. We should not allow any more casinos and people must come on roads against this move,” he said. 

Sarmalkar also blamed the government for their failure to provide employment for the youth in the state. “While the government has failed to provide employment to the youth, casinos are only out to destroy people. It was the same Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar who had taken a protest march while in the opposition to stop casinos in Goa,” said Sarmalkar. 

The Goan also said that the vessel was brought into the state on the auspicious day of a Laxmi Pujan. “The vessel had arrived on Laxmi Pujan day probably because in the olden days, gambling was considered an auspicious activity during Diwali. Although the law prohibits this age-old practice, most people hold on to the tradition and gamble during the Puja season.” “It is believed that gambling on Laxmi Pujan day brings wealth and prosperity. No matter what, but we cannot allow any more casinos. People have lost all their wealth because of casinos and this vessel must not be allowed to operate,” said the resident. 

So now that it is almost confirmed that the new casino vessel will be anchored in the river Mandovi in no time, the BJP may be working out on the explanation to the people of Goa. The BJP is always been assuring the Goans that Casinos will be removed from Mandovi from the time they took over the state but till date what people of Goa have witnessed is more and more entrants into this industry. The dramatic entry of a Big Daddy casino is not yet forgotten by the people and this new ship is ready to join the fleet. What is your opinion on this story? Please share your comments and suggestion.   

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