Nearly 40 Employees of A Well Known Floating Casino in Goa Tests Positive For Covid-19

Floating Casino in Goa
Floating Casino in Goa (Representational Image)

In one of the shocking incident at least 40 employees of a web known floating casino anchored in river Mandovi have tested positive for the COVID infection. The report has been supported by the Goa Youth Congress President Varad Mardolkar.  

The reports appeared in the social media about the staff of a well known Casino floating on the River Mandovi had tested positive on Saturday. It may be recalled that recently the reports went viral showing the huge crowd tourists gathered outside the office of the casino for entering the gaming zone.    

Meanwhile, no one from the Casino management came forward to release the official statement in this regards. The Goa youth Congress President Mr Varad Mardolkar had narrated the information to the media people in Panaji.  

“According to our sources in the casino there are at least 30 people are found to be Covid positive but it can be even more,” said Mr Mardolkar while speaking with the Goa Prism team.  

The state Government had given the green signal to the casinos to start their operations from 1st of November. The state Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant allowed the reopening of Casinos on the grounds of revenue generation and tourism promotion in the state. 

“The SOPs will be directed by the State Home Department to the Casinos. They include casino operations starting with 50% of its whole capacity. The State Government has given relief to the Casinos with respect to their licenses. They are to pay the fees on a monthly basis instead of the regular yearly payments,” CM had stated in the report published on 1st November 2020.  

But looking at the recent overcrowding of the tourists in front of the casino office to get inside it dose not looks like that the Casino Management had forgot to follow follow the SOP laid down by the home department. 

The recent report published with the title “Panaji Streets Gets Overcrowded With Tourists, Following The Reopening of Casinos in Goa”  gives the clear picture of the condition prevailing around the casinos in Goa. The Panaji city mayor Uday Madkaikar has also admitted to have witnessed the violations amongst the tourists outside the casino offices and assured that the CCP will take actions against those not wearing the masks.  

“We are willing to act against all those not wearing face masks and not adhering to social distancing, but we are being cautious so that tourists do not come up with allegations of harassment. The CCP will soon decide on this aspect,” the Mayor said. 

The crowd became uncontrollable and traffic police had to lift the two wheelers and clamp four wheelers parked on the side of the roads by the tourists who came down to enter the casinos on Friday in the capital city. 

With such system there is only one possibility and that is second wave of COVID in Goa. The first wave started from the Vasco da Gama and now will the second wave will start from the Casinos? 

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