Navelim Shootout accused Arrested, Pistol Recovered from Accused, Police also arrested the Arms Supplier Akbar Shaikh

Within 48 hours the south Goa police managed to arrest the accused of Navelim shootout, Fayaz Ahmad, who shot Abdul Kadar from a point-blank range, killing him instantly. The police also managed to arrest the supplier of arms and ammunition, Akbar Shaikh from the North Goa. Both were hiding at Ramnagar in Betim after committing the crime, said the sources.

The broad daylight shootout at Navelim had shocked the entire state. Police got shocked to know that a local mechanic possesses the pistol and the result of that was the dead body of Abdul Kader lying in a pool of blood at a local Bar & Restaurant, situated in Navelim.

Margao police managed to arrest the culprits at Ram Nagar situated in Betim in north Goa. The accused following his arrest revealed the name of an arms supplier, police swung into action and arrested the culprit from his hideout in Betim.    

The most surprising thing here is, the arms supplier Shaikh is a Barber by profession and the accused is a mechanic and both of them have their business in Navelim. You can only imagine the state of an affair, wherein the Barber supplying the arms and mechanic making use of it to kill someone. How can these kind irresponsible people obtain such a high caliber weapons is a major concern here.

According to the statement of the accused, it looks like, the pistol belongs to Akbar and Fayaz was used for taking revenge and after the crime was committed he gave the weapon back to the supplier and ran away. The police arrested Akbar and recovered the Pistol and five live bullets from him.


The police are saying that it was not the planned murder and everything happened instantly. “We are still investigating the motive behind the murder and further interrogation of the accused will reveal the same,” said Margao PI CL Patil. He further added that they are also trying to find out the source of the supply as Akbar does not look like the main source.

It may be recalled that Abdul Kadar Valikar, a mason by profession, was shot dead following a brawl at Godinho Bar in Shanti Nagar, Navelim, situated in South Goa. The accused whose name has been revealed as Fayaz A Khatib, 36-year-old, a native of Karnataka had shot the victim from point blank range and fled the scene.

This is perhaps the first of its kind of case wherein the use of weapons such as Pistol was made at this level. A pistol is the fatal weapon and not available easily in the marketplace, and the police are now investigating the sources of it. Hope the police reaches the roots of this case, and get hold of the real supplier of the weapon. It is the serious concern for the law and order in the state as tomorrow more such cases may get surfaced if not stopped now at this stage. What do you think? Please leave your valuable comments and suggestions on this most serious issue.


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