Navelim Church Junction Repaired 22 Times In Past 12 Months

Navelim Church Junction
Pathetic Condition of Navelim Church Junction

Salcette residents have continuously been experiencing terrible road conditions every year, and this year too, the situation is no different. Various stretches around the main commercial town of Margao and surrounding village roads have been completely washed away, with larger potholes being a death trap for many daily commuters.

At the Navelim church junction, every year, large potholes develop due to poor road conditions, and as such, frequent accidents have occurred at this stretch. 

Furthermore, the sore to the public doesn’t just end there. Over the months, after repeated requests, authorities have taken up the repair of this stretch, however, it has been just temporary work. 

After a few weeks, the situation comes back to usual to haunt the local residents. The authorities – PWD mainly – have turned a blind eye to several road conditions across the state, and after several complaints, temporary work done is only washed away with a few rain spells in between. 

Recently, Navelim MLA Luizinho Faleiro and the Navelim village panchayat had criticized the engineers involved in the maintenance of the road work being carried out. Temporary hot mix and other materials are laid to improve the road junction every time, but in the long run, the same is washed away due to poor work carried out by the authorities. 

“It is the right of the people to have good roads to ensure their safe commute,” Navelim MLA Luizinho Faleiro said. 

In the last one year, this stretch of the road has been repaired for nearly 22 times in total, and one begs to ask, does one small junction need repair works done for so many times in just a single year. 

Over the last two days, after repeated agitation from locals, the Navelim junction was repaired again, with a temporary hot mix laid to fill up large potholes. 

The Shadow Council for Margao took a dig at the authorities involved, saying that the government should mention this achievement in the Guinness Book of World Records. Savio Coutinho, convenor of the Shadow Council also suggested that the PWD must be renamed as the ‘Public Wastage Department.’ 

Locals have also demanded that the wastage of money through such constant repairs must be recovered from the engineers responsible for the road work, as constantly, public exchequers money is being wasted for small repairs that wear off within a few weeks. 

Besides this stretch, the PWD, last week, undertook repair work along the Davorlim-Nessai road which was also in a very bad condition. During the night hours especially, the road had turned into a complete death trap. 

With several roads being asphalted just before the monsoons, many of the stretches around the city have gone from bad to worse within just a few weeks, and locals continue to complain of such bad conditions. 

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