Nationwide Lockdown From 25th September? Find out The Truth Behind Viral Message

Nationwide Lockdown
Nationwide Lockdown (Image for the representational purpose only)

The cases of Coronavirus infection have crossed the mark of 5 million cases in India and to control the viral decease government is taking all the required measures. At this juncture letter of an order issued by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) stating to impose another Nationwide lockdown from 25th September has gone viral on the various social media platforms. 

This message has gone viral on the social media platforms with the stamped letter from NDMA displaying the message of nationwide lockdown. What is the truth behind this? Let us take a look at it in this fact check. 

The letter carries the logos of the Government of India on the letterhead and the order shows the reference number and date of issue. The message reads as follows; With the signs of Covid-19 peak arriving in India with the increase in daily cases of Infection and deaths, In exercise of the power under section 6(2)(1) of the Disaster Management Act 2005 the center has decided to implement the nationwide lockdown 45 days beginning from 25th September 2020. 

The above letter with the message has gone viral on the various social media platforms and to stop this from spreading further the Press Information Bureau has issued a press note along with the clarification saying that the above claim is false and the NDMA India has not issued any such order. 


PIB Fact Check  

Press Information Bureau works towards curbing the wrong and misleading information issued on the behalf of Government of India and according to them the information going viral on the social media about the lockdown is FALSE. The Government of India did not issue any such order and people should not believe in such false claims made by the perpetrators on the social media platform. 

Fact Check on Lockdown

The Press Information Bureau also tweeted the same on their tweeter handle making it clear that the information is wrong and misleading. 

Social media is full of information and there is no control over it to verify what is true and what is not and perpetrators make use of this opportunity to spread false information over the internet. If you have come across any such information which you think is false please do share with us and we will try our best to do the fact check on the same.    

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