Narendra Modi is holding on to Jan Lokpal Bill claims AAP Delhi MLA Alka Lamba

AAP Delhi MLA Ms. Alka Lamba made the above statement in the AAP public rally in south Goa today. She directly made an allegation against the Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi stating that “Mr. Modi is holding on to Jan Lokpal bill in the center safeguard the interest of corrupt politicians. The entry of AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) happened into the politics purely due to the backing of Jan Lokpal bill perused by Anna Hazare. The new political leader Arvind Kejriwal was born out of Anna Hazare agitation which shook the capital city of India in the year 2011.

When Mr. Kejriwal formed the AAP and become the CM of Delhi, his main motto was to eradicate the corruption from system. Today, AAP is in process of spreading its political tentacles in few more states in India and Goa one of them. How much corruption free governance Kejriwal government gave till date is the matter of debate but one thing no one can deny, and that is the efforts of Kejriwal government to pursue the Jan Lokpal Bill in the centre, which remained consistent.

One of the Delhi MLA, Ms. Alka Lamba was in Goa to promote the party activity in the state. In her address to a public gathering in south Goa, she quoted that Mr. Narendra Modi is holding on to the Jan Lokpal bill and making sure that it does not get cleared at the center. Her allegation has some substance in it. Mr. Modi has become the Hero of the nation with his demonetisation move but why is he not passing the Jan Lokpal bill is still remains the mystery.


Ms. Lamba said that, BJP just talk about removing the Casinos from Goa but they will not. Only the AAP will eradicate casinos completely from Goa. “AAP has made the promise to the people of Goa that Casinos will be removed from Goa and we will keep our promise if elected to power. AAP is not here to change the government but to change the system and that is only possible after our government comes to power in Goa.” she also added that they (AAP) are still fighting against the corruption in Delhi. “To fight against the corruption we need to come into power,” she said.

In her public address, Ms. Lamba accused the Prime Minister Narendra Modi of keeping the Jan Lokpal Bill on hold in Centre and the reason behind not passing the Lokpal bill is to shield the people guilty of corruption. There is a substance in her accusation since the Lokpal Bill was tabled for the eradication of corruption from politics and once it is passed many corrupt politicians will go behind the bars. What other reason would be behind keeping the Lokpal bill pending while Mr. Modi introduced Demonetisation to eradicate corruption and unearth black money?


“The bill gets transformed into the law only when it is passed in Loksabha whose head is Prime Minister and Mr. Narendra Modi is holding on to the Jan Lokpal Bill for more than one and half year. The reason behind not passing this bill is to protect the congressmen and BJP legislatures. Once the bill gets passed all the corrupt people will go behind the bars,” said Ms. Lamba.


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