Mystery surrounds the missing of social activist Fr. Bismark Dias

Fr. Bismark

Fr. Bismark Dias, a priest turned social activist from Goa went missing mysteriously, according to the sources Fr. Bismark went missing on Thursday night after he last spotted at the St. Estevam Manas (sluice gate). The sources have also revealed that he went swimming after consuming couple of beers and since then he is not traceable, only his belongings such as mobile phone, motorbike, sandals were found at the Manas.

After Fr, Bismark went missing Thursday night his relatives on Friday logged his missing complaint at Old Goa police station. After that police immediately swung into the action and searched the entire area nearby the Manas, they also put the divers into duty but they came back empty-handed.

Based on the available information, Fr. Bismark went for swimming post-midnight after consuming multiple numbers of beers and coastal police has deployed the search campaign fearing he might have drowned, but they found nothing.  Two people have gone swimming with Fr. Bismark went to sleep at the hut near Manas post-midnight after the drinking session. The sources revealed that they had consumed two cartons of beer. The boys told the police that in the initial round they went swimming but shortly returned back but while Fr. Bismark ventured second time into the waters while the duo returned to the hut. In the morning, the duo returned back to village thinking that Fr. Bismark might have gone home though they saw his clothes and mobile phone lying on the bank of the river but they never thought that Fr. Bismark would get drowned since he was a great swimmer.

Police and villagers suspect the foul play as Fr. Bismark was involved into many social activities against the builder lobby, Mopa Airport, Regional Plans, Special Economic zone and many other local issues. The mysterious disappearance of Fr. Bismark has generated the wave of anger and outrage in the public. The duo went with Fr. Bismark is in the police custody at the moment for the questioning purpose. Fr. Bismark is also actively involved in the protest against the Tiracol project of Leading Hotels Golf Course and Marinas. We do not intend to jump into any conclusion at the moment and pray for the safety of the social activist while waiting for the police to finish their task of search and investigation into this case.

Source: Various Sources

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