Motive behind Ashpak murder is yet unknown said CM while Accused Karbotkar confessed to enmity with Bengre


The accused Vinayak Karbotkar has confessed to the murder of Ashpak Bengre calling it enmity with Bengre and he made the use of the first opportunity to eliminate Bengre. Meanwhile, the Chief Minister of Goa made the statement in Goa Assembly that motive behind the Ashpak murder is not yet known. Meanwhile, the crime branch does not rule out the possibility of the contract killing which is still under investigation. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] The investigation in the Ashpak Bengre murder case is going on in the full swing. Presently the matter is in the hands of Crime Branch and they are interrogating the accused Karbotkar. The crime branch is also investigating the angle of a conspiracy between accused and a jail staff of the central jail at Colvale.

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According to the sources, the crime branch of Goa Police on Friday attached the blood stained clothes of Vinayak Karbotkar who allegedly murdered the Ashpak on 26th July at 9am while Ashpak was getting ready to leave for the court in Mapusa.

The crime branch police revealed that during in interrogation, Karbotkar had confessed about the previous enmity with Bengre and the assault by later at Calangute seven years back.

According to the police sources, the CCTV footage it is clearly seen that Karbotkar had removed the sharp weapon from the pocket of his short pant and after the committing of the crime he put the same back into his pocket. “With the help of the CCTV footage obtained, we have attached the short pant, but we have not recovered the murder weapon yet,” a police official said.

The police sources have also said that the post-mortem reports has revealed that Ashpak Bengre was killed with a sharp-pointed cutting edge weapon while discounting the theory in circulation that the accused Karbotkar may have used some tool which he discretely sharped inside the jail premises.

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Meanwhile the Chief Minister of Goa today told in the Legislative Assembly that motive behind the murder of gangster Ashpak Bengre at Colvale jail is not yet known. “The deceased and the person who is arrested for killing shared the same cell. They never had any dispute or fight in the past. So there is a suspicion that there is some other motive for the murder which we are yet to ascertain,” Parsekar said, speaking on demands for grants of police and jail departments.

Ashpak was under trial at Colvale Jail. He was brought to Goa on transfer warrant in the month of March 2016 for his involvement in Drug Peddling case while the Accused Vinayak Karbotkar was in Nashik and brought to Goa last month on the transfer warrant to Goa for his involvement in various cases.

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According to the Parsekar, Bengre was facing more than 16 cases in Goa, Karnataka and Chandigarh while the accused Vinayak Karbotkar who is involved in 13 cases across Goa and Maharashtra. Parsekar said they were in the same cell as both were undertrials. “There is some force behind the murder. I don’t want to make any comment on the issue as Crime Branch is investigating the case,” the Chief Minister said. The Goa Chief Minister also made it clear that the undertrials and convicts are kept in separate wings in the Colvale jail to avoid the clashes amongst them.

Despite all the precautions taken by the jail authorities, a History Sheeter was killed inside the jail premises due to which this case comes under the purview of custodial death. Each and every person connected to this case is now answerable to this and crime branch will be interrogating many people and soon the truth will surface. If you wish to leave your comments please go ahead.

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