Mother of four sexually exploited by her two brother-in-laws after the death of her husband

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The woman is not safe anymore at any place regardless of her relationship with the family this statement can be established with the amount of sexual exploitation that takes place against them in our society. This is the story of the dirty incident that took place in Agra wherein a mother of four was sexually exploited by her own brother-in-laws after the death of her husband. This incident did not happen once but it continued for a long time until one day she decided to put an end to it. But what happened during those 3 months and how much torture she went through, Read the horrifying story of her fight against this injustice here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the news published by the national daily Times of India, a mother of four children was raped and molested constantly by her own brother-in-laws after the death of her husband in Agra. According to the sources, the matter came to the light when a 30-year-old woman, a resident of Kudagali in Sitanagar of Itmad-ud-daula area visited SSP Agra office at the collectorate along with her 15-year-old daughter and narrated the entire incident before the district collector.

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According to the confessions of the victim woman, her husband had died nine months back due to the heart attack and soon after his demise the two male members of the family who were the brother-in-laws of the victim started molesting her taking the advantage of the situation. They also allegedly sexually exploited her on the several occasions despite her protest to their act. When she tried to reveal the matter to her mother in law she was asked to keep quiet on this since it is the matter of family prestige that would get tarnish if the truth gets surfaced.

Speaking with the media the victim woman said that she was sexually exploited by her elder and younger brother in laws on various occasions and when she reported this matter to her mother in law she advised her to keep quite as she will get her married with her son but that never happened and exploitation continued. “Three months back, my brother-in-law Pradeep Sharma made sexual advances on me. When I reported the matter to my mother-in-law Savitri Devi, she asked me to shut my mouth on the matter. She said that she would tie my knot with him and the matter would be resolved. Since I do not have work and have to take care of my four children, I agreed on her terms. But one month back, she died a natural death and when I asked Pradeep to marry me, he refused,” she narrated.


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According to the victim woman, the agony of her did not end here. After the denial of the elder brother in law she broke down but had no options since she had to take care of her four children so she continued to stay there and take the daily torture. After some time, her younger brother in law Deepak Sharma started making advances towards her. “It was then Deepak, my younger brother-in-law, who started making advances on me. On several occasions, he groped me from behind and when I protested, he called me a slut. My in-laws (including sister-in-law Suman Sharma) even tried to sell my eldest daughter, aged 15, in Mainpuri district. Fortunately, my daughter somehow managed to flee from Mainpuri, after which my in-laws started harassing her as well,” claimed the victim.

The victim further stated that she did not get any financial assistance after the death of her husband. According to her, the in-laws claimed over the life insurance policy of her husband after his death and did not give her any money from it.

According to the sources, On Tuesday, after meeting the SSP and narrating her ordeal, SSP Preetinder Singh ordered station officer of Itmad-ud-daula to probe the matter and arrest the accused. According to police sources, the duo brother-in-laws are on the run and they will try to arrest the accused as soon as possible “We will soon establish their whereabouts and they will be arrested,” stated the police officials adding that they have filed an FIR in the matter under Section 376 (Rape) of the IPC.

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After the demise of her husband a woman is entirely dependent upon her in-laws, having the relationship and getting married again is the right of any woman but exploiting her sexually on the pretext of getting married is the sickest and immoral activity and for which the culprits needs to get punished severely. Please leave your comments on this serious issue.

Source: TOI


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