More than 50 per cent travellers arriving in Goa opts out of COVID-19 Tests

Travellers arriving in Goa
Travellers arriving in Goa - Image for representational purpose only

Goa’s COVID tally had jumped to 67 from 7 within just fortnight due to the easing of restrictions on the Goa border following the 4th phase of lockdown. Today Goa has 48 active cases and it is rising by the day and all this happened due to the lapses in the Covid-19 test at the border and the revised SOP.  

According to the reports, 19 out of the 67 cases of the Coronavirus have recovered, but that does not stop it from getting more cases in the future as the Covid-19 test is not being conducted on each person entering the state.

The fact remains that all these cases are the result of people entering into the state following the easing of norms on the Goa border. According to the sources, all the positive cases are the results of people arrived in the state within the last two weeks after inter-state travel norms were eased.  

It is highly shocking that out of 66 passengers that arrived in Goa on Monday in the first two flights, only 22 passengers opted to take a coronavirus test on the first day since flights restarted.  

“The first flight arrived from Bengaluru with 30 passengers 15 of whom opted to take the Covid-19 test while from the second flight which arrived from New Delhi carrying 33 passengers 11 opted to take the test,” Mohanan said. All passengers tested negative for coronavirus.


Now you may be wondering as to how the people coming down to Goa are managing to opt out of the coronavirus test? According to the new revision in the SOP (standard operating procedure) following the recommencement of the flights to Goa, the Coronavirus tests have been made optional.  

The passengers have been given a choice to take Covid-test or go for the 14 days home quarantine, and obviously most of them prefer to opt-out of it.

Meanwhile, the symptomatic patients, and people who have come in from abroad will be mandatorily tested while those who can produce a Covid-19 free certificate from a registered ICMR lab are free to go.

According to the reports, another person tested Covid-19 positive on Monday being the co-traveller of a person who travelled to Goa and was detected positive two days ago. 

These above facts make it clear that making the Covid test-optional might have long time consequences increasing the chances of discovering more cases due to the community spreading. The people gong home unchecked might spread the virus to other unknowingly. 

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