Monseratte lacking of gestures from BJP is finally moving towards NCP

The present St. Cruz MLA and the former Taleigao heavyweight politician Babush Monserrate who had maintained the political silence for the long time since his expulsion from the Congress almost seven months back are now slowly opening up and coming in front of media with his future plans of action. According to the news published by the TOI Goa edition, which has claimed that, Babush Monserrate has plans of joining the NCP and, in fact, the claim has been supported by the Babush when he said “Yes, you are correct, I am moving towards that direction and I will finalize my future plans within 2 – 3 weeks time.”

Now this becomes the breaking news as most of the political circles were looking at Babush as a silent supporter of the ruling government since he already proved his involvement in the Panaji by-election by supporting the BJP candidate Sidharth Kunkaleinkar openly and not supporting the congress led candidate Surendra Furtado.

Babush has although agreed that he made the courtesy call to NCP leader Sharad Pawar when the latter was in Goa almost a month ago “But I have not discussed anything specific with him,” Babush claimed. Babush is more inclined towards the NCP since he does not have faith in the functioning of the Congress party anymore. “The NCP is a live wire in Goan politics compared to the Congress which is still sleeping,” he said.

According to Babush, the congress has not learned the lessons yet, the party should have taken an active participation in the forthcoming municipality polls,” he said. The sources have revealed that, although Babush is seeking to join the NCP, but he does not have any interest in acquiring the position there. “I just want to work for the party and I am not looking for any particular position,” he claimed. He also denied the rumor of taking over as the Goa President in NCP.


Monserrate became the unattached member of the Goa Legislative Assembly after he was expelled from the Congress in the month of March 2015. The rumors were there that he became close to the former Chief Minister during this period, but there is no documentary evidence available for these claims. But the sources are not always false. People are the eyes and ears of the democracy and their claims do have some substance. The proximity of Taleigao heavyweight with the former Panaji MLA is not hidden the fact. It has been revealed by the media many a times. The recent Delhi trips and alleged support in the Panaji election are two major pillars of the claims. Let the people only decide what is the truth; we will keep silence on this issue. Please do not forget to leave your most valuable comments and suggestions on this issue.

Source: TOI

Edited by Goa Prism News Desk

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