“Modelling is just one part of me,” says Karan Oberoi

Karan Oberoi is the man of the moment. With a portfolio bulging with modelling assignments from some of India’s premium brands, the Delhi boy has made a niche for himself in the notoriously hard-to-break-into modelling circuit of Mumbai.

We caught up with him briefly and were pleasantly surprised to see that all the talk about his humble, down-to-earth demeanour was 100% true. As a veteran of over 300 fashions shows and scores of brand campaigns, you would expect a bit of arrogance. What we got was a desi boy very much grounded in his middle-class upbringing. 

“You know most people think that because I am a model I must be really fun loving and all. But to be honest, I don’t drink or smoke. In fact, I don’t party much at all!” said Karan. When pressed further about his daily routine, he said, “I focus on my work. I am a very simple, disciplined and hardworking guy. I am very health conscious. I eat properly and stick to a strict schedule. I manage time perfectly, and I am very proud of it.” 

Hearing him talk about his simple routine finally accounted for some very non-model like parts of his portfolio. Along with titles like “Hottie of the Fortnight” by Filmfare magazine, Karan has been chosen as the “Youth Icon Model of the Year” by Global Leadership Awards, and he has been recently appointed as World Peace Messenger by World Peace and Diplomacy Organization (United Nations Global Compact).

As we drop the model-tinted glasses and look beyond the uber-fit body and his undeniable charisma, it becomes evident that Karan has done what almost all successful people do – dream big, create a realistic roadmap to achieve his goals and work hard and consistently to achieve it. 

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