The Mobile Recharge Outlets that Sells the Phone Numbers of Girls for Money

This is the story of a mobile recharge outlet which also sells the mobile numbers of the girls. How horrible does that sound to you? There is no ethics, values, and morality while doing the business. Mobile phone store, particularly the one who also sells the prepaid recharges are most vulnerable places for the girls since they have the access to your contact numbers which can easily be misused. Here is the case of something similar wherein the mobile recharge vendors sell the phone numbers of the girls.

Imagine, one fine day you go to recharge your mobile number to the next door mobile recharge shop and give your number to the vendor asking him to top up the mobile balance and very next day you start getting the calls from unanimous people. Sounds to be horrifying right? but do you know that something similar happens in this city of UP where the mobile recharge vendor sells the mobile number of the girls to their prospective customers?

According to the available information from the reliable sources, the mobile vendors in UP were found selling the mobile numbers of the girls. This malpractice has come into the light after the police received several complaints on a round-the-clock helpline, 1090, which was set up by CM Akhilesh Yadav. Based on the news published by TEHELKA online, In a horrific practice that has been noticed by the Uttar Pradesh police, mobile numbers of girls were sold by local recharge outlets across the state.

The story does not end here, the numbers are priced taking into the consideration, the prettiness of the victim girls. Prettier the girls look higher the rates are quoted by the sellers. The buyers obviously use these numbers to make the repeated calls on the phone of victim girls. The buyers of the numbers also go one step ahead and send the obscene images. Sometimes, even vulgar pictures are sent on WhatsApp.

According to the sources, the price that these number ranges from as low as Rs. 50 to Rs. 500 per number. This malpractice had come into the light after the police received several complaints on a round-the-clock helpline, 1090, which was set up by CM Akhilesh Yadav, said sources. Out of the six lakh odd complaints received in the past four years, as many as 90 percent were related to harassment of women on the phone.      


The sources have revealed that this is not the job of a single man but the entire syndicate is running in the UP. The areas that are coming under this malpractices are, Lucknow, Kanpur Nagar, Allahabad, Varanasi, and Agra are the top five districts in filing complaints, while Shravasti, Kasganj, Lalitpur, Chitrakoot, and Kaushambi are in the bottom five. Sources said after getting the number from the outlets where women go to recharge their mobile phones, the men pass them on to those who are willing to pay an amount. New recharge shop owners help the men purchase SIM cards with fake ID’s and keeps stacks in his store.

The sources in the police have said that, So far no arrests have been made by the police. Some women said that they abuse the men who call up in the middle of the night. Police claim that it was only a matter of time before the jails are flooded with these people. This kind of cases is bound to happen in the places where the men do not respect women at all. They hardly bothered about the privacy and dignity of the women. Many times this happens due to lack of an education.

Note: The above article is the feed syndication from “Time Mail” website only the title of the article is edited before publishing. 


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3 years ago

This article is giving us the information about the corrupt society and it is obvious that we are not that much safe that we are thinking. we should take care about it. Thanks for this information.

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