MMC Gives 15 Days Notice To The Abandoned Vehicle Owners

Abandoned Vehicle
There are hundreds of Abandoned Vehicles lying on the streets of Goa

Goa has become the hub of huge numbers of abandoned vehicles everywhere in the state. You will surely notice several vehicles lying at one place by the side of roads parked and abandoned for years but now Margao Municipal Council has decided to take action against such vehicle owners.   

Taking a great initiative, the Margao Municipal Corporation (MMC) has issued a public notice stating the removal of unused and abandoned vehicles by the roadside in the commercial capital of the state.

Chief Officer Agnelo Fernandes after a meeting with DySP Traffic Prabodh Shirwaikar framed out the notice in which it was decided to hold a drive to tow away all unused vehicles which will be auctioned off. 

The notice, in no uncertain terms, says that any and all parked unused or abandoned vehicles shall be towed away after a warning period of 15 days. Failing to comply with the warning, the vehicles will be seized by the MMC and will be auctioned off on a ‘as is where is’ basis.

The Chief Officer said that this issue has been plaguing the pedestrians and the drivers for a long time and it was a danger to the traffic flow.

“As per section 122 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, any vehicle found hampering pedestrian movement due to unclaimed, damaged, and haphazard parking has to be removed. It is found that there is already congestion on the road and because of this it is causing a public nuisance and endangering the lives of the motorists as well as pedestrians.”

Fernandes spoke of sections 127 and 201 of the MV Act 1988, that allowed vehicles that are left unattended or abandoned for more than 10 hours can be towed away if they cause obstruction or impediment to the free flow of traffic.

The statistics of the number of two-wheelers or 4-wheelers lying abandoned on the roadside is still unclear, the answer to which will soon be provided by the DySP Shirwaikar.

The MMC will also be arranging for a space to store these towed vehicles.

Similar problems are faced by major cities in Goa. Recently the Mormugao Municipal Corporation has also been working on solving this issue, but nothing has been done so far. The capital city Panjim has been so far successful in solving this issue.

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